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Start the Bally Sports Free Trial for 7 Days in 2024 and Activate Its Plus Subscription for Free to Watch North, Southwest, and Detroit Matches.

Bally Sports is a regional group of sports networks, which is located in the United States of America. 

Do you want to start the Bally Sport free trial?

If yes then you are at the right place here Because on this page, we will share with you how you can get the Free Bally Sports Trial and also tell you, about its key features, base and premium plan benefits, and what types of content you can access on Bally Sports OTT Platform. 

Bally Sports Free Trial 2024

Good news for Bally Sports fans! Bally Sports Provides a 7-day free trial for their new subscriber through which users can access and explore the premium service of their platform, which is best for the user. 

In this trial, you can explore and experience their premium content free of cost. 

After the Free Trial, if you are satisfied with their Services, you can continue with a $19.9/month plan. 

Bally Sports service is available in both types of Live or online access of sports platforms in high definition Quality.

How to Get a Free Trial of Bally Sports?

Bally Sports Provides Regional Famous Games Content Live or previous in this content NBA League, NHL League, basketball match highlights, ice hockey, pre and post-shows, and original content direct to your home through Their OTT platform.

Now, we share a guide with you, on how you can get the Bally Sports Free Trial.

Step 1: Visit the official Bally Sports website.

Step 2: Click on the “Get Bally Sports+” Button.

Step 3: Another page will appear, put your zip code and Click on the “Start Free Trial” button that showing on your display.

Step 4: Now, create your account with the required credentials such as Name, Email, and strong password.

Step 6: After that, You are redirected to the Payment Method page, fill in the required payment details.

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy your 7-day free trial access.

Key Features of Free Bally Sports Trial

Here are Some key features of Bally Sports Free Trial:

Live Sports Streaming:

Access to live streams of various sports events, including MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports, and more depending on your region and subscription package.

On-Demand Content:

Ability to watch replays of games, matches, and events that were previously broadcasted, giving users flexibility in their viewing schedule.

Exclusive Shows and Original Content:

Access to exclusive shows, documentaries, interviews, and other original programming related to sports and athletes.

Multi-Platform Streaming:

Availability across multiple devices and platforms such as smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and streaming devices, allows users to watch sports wherever they are.


Customization options such as setting favorite teams, receiving notifications for upcoming games, and creating watchlists for preferred content.

Bally Sports Features

HD Quality Streaming:

High-definition streaming for an enhanced viewing experience provided your internet connection supports it.

Without Any Commitment:

Like many streaming services, Bally Sports offers free trials without requiring long-term commitments. Users can cancel their subscriptions at any time during the trial period without being charged.

Regional Coverage:

Bally Sports offers regional coverage of sports events based on your location, so you can watch games and matches relevant to your area.

Community Engagement:

Some streaming platforms offer interactive features such as live chats, social media integration, and fan forums to enhance the viewing experience and connect fans.

Customer Support:

Access to customer support services during the trial period to address any technical issues or questions users may have about the service.

Bally Sports Membership Plan

There are 3 different types of subscriptions available, Base Packages West & Base Packages Social, and Seasons Pass, and the good thing is all of the Plans provide a 7-day free trial

Base Packages(west)

  • 7-day free trial + Monthly: $19.99/month
  • 7-day free trial + Yearly: $189.99/year

In the West package, there is a selected minimum Anaheim Ducks game available.

Base Packages(social)

  • 7-day free trial + Monthly: $19.99/month
  • 7-day free trial + Yearly: $189.99/year

In the Social package, All of the Anaheim Ducks games are available.

Seasons pass

  • Base & Social both price: $71.99/season (7-day free trial).


What is Bally Sports?

Bally Sports is a well-known Regional group of Sports Networks, which is located in the United States. In starting Bally Sports Network was founded as Fox Sports Networks which is operated by News Corporation. The network is a joint venture of Allen Media Group & Sinclair Broadcast.

In 2019 the network was acquired by Diamond Group of sports, from the Walt Disney Company. This network was Launched in March 2021, Bally sports Programs are Available in 33 states Of the United States Of America. 

At present Robeson Reeves is The CEO of Bally Sports and George Papanier is the President of Bally Sports. Bally Sports Carry regional Games events, Famous Leagues broadcast 24×7.

On this network, you can view professional matches of High school sports teams and Highlights of previous matches.  

How to cancel Bally Sports Trial

If you are not satisfied with Bally Sports premium services and want to cancel your subscription you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the Bally Sports website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Navigate to “Account Settings” or the Subscription section.
  • Find your subscription details.
  • Cancel your subscription.
  • Confirm the cancellation.
  • Check your email for confirmation.

Conclusion – Bally Sports Free Trial 2024

So In this article, we have shared all the possible details about the Bally Sports free trial how we can get it, its features, and the cancellation process.

Bally Sports offers a 7-day free trial without any initial commitment and can cancel the subscription easily before the end of the trial.

In this Bally Sports trial period, you can watch pre and post-game shows, stream online sports events, and you can view 4000+ hours of content, regional NHL and NBA game leagues live telecasts, and more.


How do you get Bally Sports free trials?

Visit Ballysports.COM >Fill Zip code >click on Get Bally Sports+ > Now select Bally Sports Plan >Create an Account >Complete the Payment >Now final click on Subscribe Now Bottom.

How long do the Bally Sports free trials last?

Bally Sports free trial lasts for 7 days.

What content is available during the Bally Sports free trial?

In the free trials of Bally Sports, they provide High-quality Content, interactive Overlays, Pre and post-shows, advertisement free viewing, and Live and local games online. 

Does Bally Sports have a free trial?

Yes, Bally Sports provides a 7-day free trial on their mobile app.

Is payment information required for the Bally Sports Free Trial?

Yes, there is payment information required for the Bally Sports trial.

Can I cancel the trial before it ends?

Yes, of course, you can cancel it before the trial ends, to avoid subscription charges.