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By using Remote Servers you can play the games on your browser with the help of Boosteroid.

 It is not possible to range over the Boosteroid before Subscription, because there is no Boosteroid Free Trial to enjoy it, but you have to purchase a subscription plan if you have a coupon code.

Does Boosteriod provide a free Trial?

No, Boosteriod does not provide a free trial but in the upcoming days, we can expect the free trial. If you want to make your gaming easy and less expensive, you must subscribe to Boosteroid Subscription plans.

Price of Boosteriod Annual Subscription Plan:-

  1. In Euro Currency:- €7.49/- month
  2. In Rupees Currency:- Rs 677.68/- month

It is easy to install games on your device every time you need to play. To save time and play the games more exclusively, you can try Boosteroid. With Boosteroid, you can play games on the browser using remote servers.

Unfortunately, you can’t explore Boosteroid before you subscribe, as it doesn’t offer a free trial to users. If you have a coupon code, you can apply it and get a better discount on the subscription plans.

Boosteriod has No Free Trial right now, but after some time it may be possible to stay tuned and subscribe to our Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages.

In the Boosteriod no time limit to play games, you can play games 24/7 as long as your subscription is active with your account.

We can expect an introduction of a free trial to users. If you want to play any games on this Boosteriod platform, you must purchase any of the subscription plans.

What is Boosteriod?

It is a cloud gaming platform for web-based access to video games. 

It provides a user device with the extra power of a Remote Server and allows it to run software if its original computational power is not enough to run software.

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform

Boosteroid is an online gaming platform that is seeking to grow its presence globally to meet the demand of the online gaming market. Today the most important business challenge for companies like Boosteroid.

Ivan Shvaichenko is the CEO and founder of Boosteriod. It was launched in 2019, the company enables remote cloud-based access to PC video games across devices and platforms.

It removes the difficulties of buying expensive gaming components in Boosteriod. This platform is gaining huge popularity as compared to other games because Boosteriod provides a user device with the extra power of a Remote Server of its benefits and easy approachability.

Boosteroid is a high-end remote gaming desktop available on demand. It provides super easy and secure access to hundreds of popular online video games.

Advantages of Boosteriod Free Trial

Here are some general advantages of trying Boosteroid with a free trial:

Performance Testing:

The free trial provides an opportunity for users to test the performance of the cloud gaming service, including factors such as graphics quality, latency, and overall gameplay experience.

Large Library of Games:

Boosteroid offers a library of popular PC games, including titles from major publishers of Ubisoft+

Compatibility Check:

Users can assess the facilities of Boosteroid with their devices and internet connection during the free trial, ensuring that the service works well on their specific setup.

Free Access to high-end PC Gaming:

You can play demanding PC games on your device without needing a powerful gaming PC. This is especially beneficial if your device doesn’t meet the system requirements for the games you want to play.

Potential Additional Features:

Some free trials may include bonus features like limited playtime or access to specific games.

How to Subscribe to Boosteroid Subscription?

You can subscribe to Boosteroid by the following general steps:-

Step 1: Visit the official Boosteriod website

Step 2: Now click on the Sign In button.

Step 3: then you log in to your account, fill in the Email and Password to log in.


Step 4: Check your activation link in the email for confirmation, and click on the Activate account button.

Step 5: Log In to your account, and tap the Subscribe And Play button.

Step 6: After that, choose your suitable Subscription Plan.

Step 7: Fill in the Card Details to buy a Subscription Plan and click the Pay button.

How to Cancel Boosteroid Subscription?

  •  First, you Sign In to your account.
  •  Click the Profile Icon on the top right of the screen.
  •  In My Account, the My Subscription section is available. In that section, you can see your current subscription details. To cancel the Boosteroid subscription plan and then click on Plan Details.
  •  Click on Cancel Subscription.
  •  Click again on Cancel to confirm the selection.

After that, your Boosteroid subscription will be canceled.

Conclusion – Boosteroid Free Trial 2024

Boosteroid is a gaming platform that employs cloud technology to give its customers the ability to play a large selection of games on various devices. These days, Boosteriod does not provide a free trial but don’t worry after some time it could be given a free trial.

We will introduce to you a most popular cloud-gaming platform called Boosteroid.

The Boosteroid price is Rs 677.68/- month per month if you get a subscription for the entire year, with the money being paid in a single payment. The other option is available for subscription for only one month, and then the price is Rs 896.5/- month.

Boosteroid is neither the biggest nor the most well-known cloud gaming service, yet it has some unexpected advantages compared to other similar platforms and to other methods of playing games on Windows.

Game performance mainly depends on how good your Internet connection is and how far you are from the closest server of the respective service.

You get access to the entire games library of the service and there’s no difference in the Boosteroid servers you connect.


What is Boosteriod?

Boosteriod is a cloud gaming platform for web-based access to video games and it is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Is there a Boosteriod Free Trial Available?

No, Boosteriod does not provide a free trial available on this platform, but after some time it could be given a free trial. 

How can I cancel my subscription to Boosteriod?

On the Boosteriod page, you can cancel your subscription on the My Account page, Locate the My Subscription column, Click the Plan details, and then Click Cancel subscription to proceed.

Is there a time limit on Boosteroid?

In the Boosteriod no time limit to play games, you can play games 24/7 as long as your subscription is active with your account.

Is payment required for the Boosteriod Free trial?

Boosteriod is a paid subscription, you need to purchase a monthly or yearly plan subscription.