CactusVPN Free Trial 2024: Start 30 Days Risk-Free Trial Now

Trial Type: Default Trial, Risk-Free Trial
Trial Days: 3 Days, 30 Days
Free Plan: Not Available
Credit Card: Not Required, Yes Required

Try out CactusVPN for free with either a 3-day or 30-day trial and enjoy all its features and services without spending a dime. No need to worry about entering credit card details for the 3-day trial.

Activating your CactusVPN trial in 2024 is easy. Just follow a few simple steps to get started and experience a safer, more secure online browsing experience. With its wide range of features, CactusVPN aims to offer top-notch services to its users.

Take advantage of the free trial to explore CactusVPN’s features and services firsthand and see how it can enhance your online experience.”

Start your account now-

CactusVPN Free Trial Options

CactusVPN offers two types of free trials where you can access the features and services without getting paid. We have mentioned both methods you can activate your CactusVPN free account now.


CactusVPN Trial For 3 Days

Without Credit Card

CactusVPN is special because they let you try their service for free, without asking for your credit card information. You only have to sign up with your email address to activate the free trial.

During the 3-day trial, you can test their VPN and Smart DNS without any restrictions. It’s just like having a paid subscription. This is great because you can see if their service works well for you before deciding to pay.

CactusVPN helps you access content from different regions and keeps your online activities private and secure. Their free trial is a risk-free way to try out their service and see if it’s right for you.


CactusVPN 30 Days Risk-Free Trial

Get the benefits of the Money-Back Policy

If it is not enough for you and you want to explore more on this platform, CactusVPN offers a 30-day risk-free trial where you can choose any plan and access all the features and services for free.

CactusVPN 30 Days Risk-Free Trial

In between, if you are not interested in continuing with it. You can cancel it, CactusVPN believes in its product and that’s why they don’t hesitate to give a refund policy.

With the policy of a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can easily cancel the subscription and get a 100% refund within 30 days.

Simple Steps To Activate Your Trial

How To Activate CactusVPN Free Trial

To start your CactusVPN 3-day free trial:

Step 1: You first need to visit the official website of CactusVPN and follow the simple steps. After visiting the platform, scroll down below to the footer and click on the free trial option. Or it will automatically redirect you to the 3-day trial page.

Step 2: After clicking the free trial option, enter your email address to sign up. Then check the box for terms of services and also agree that you are not a robot.

CactusVPN Trial For 3 Days

Step 3: Now click the submit button, and you will receive a confirmation for your trial account to enter your new password.

Step 4: Bingo!! Your 3-day trial is activated, and now you can access the services and features for free.

Extend Your Trial Option-

How To Start CactusVPN 30 Days Risk-Free Trial

To activate your 30-day free trial, you need to pay the price of the plan that you select. Try for the next 30 days risk-free If you don’t like the plan you can cancel it in 30 days to get your full refund.

To start your risk-free trial, you need first visit the CactusVPN official website, click on the Get CactusVPN button, and select a plan.

After this, enter your details such as residence, email address, and payment method to make a payment. For more details, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official website of CactusVPN and click on the Button Get CactucVPN.

Step 2: Now you can see the 4 plan options with different prices and plan duration. Choose the desired plan you want and click on Get Started.

Step 3: After selecting the plan, it will take you to the payments and account section. In the Create Account section, select your country and enter your email address.

Step 4: Below it will show some payment mode options such as PayPal, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, and others.

Step 5: Choose the payment method that you like to make a payment and solve the captcha verification that you are not a robot Also check the terms of the service box.

Step 6: Click on the payment button and make your payment. Now follow CactusVPN’s how-to-start instructions download the app on your compatible device install it, and set up your trial account, and you are all set to access all the services and features.

Note: If you purchase a subscription using cryptocurrency, CactusVPN will not honor the 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, it is crucial to be aware that you will not be eligible for a refund.

Know Its features with detailed

CactusVPN Features During Free Trial

CactusVPN Features During Free Trial

We have shared some major features of CactusVPN where you can get more details about this platform.

1. Friendly Customer Support:
Need help with CactusVPN? No worries! They have a team ready to assist you via live chat or email. Whether it’s setting up the VPN or solving connection issues, they’re there to help you out.

2. Many Ways to Connect:
CactusVPN offers various VPN protocols, which are like different sets of rules for encrypting your data online. They support 7 protocols, each with its own strengths, like speed or security.

3. Privacy First:
With CactusVPN, your privacy is a top priority. They guarantee a strict “no logs” policy, meaning they don’t collect or store your online activities. Browse with peace of mind, knowing your data stays private.

4. Global Access:
Explore the world with CactusVPN’s wide range of server locations! With 36 servers in 22 countries, you can access content from around the globe, whether it’s streaming shows or visiting region-specific websites.

5. Secure Your Data:
CactusVPN ensures your data is safe with end-to-end encryption. This means your information stays secure from your device to the destination server, protecting sensitive details like passwords and personal messages.

6. Seamless Streaming and Browsing:
With CactusVPN, enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows and movies from anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to buffering and geo-blocks, and hello to seamless entertainment!

7. Fast and Reliable Connections:
Experience lightning-fast speeds and reliable connections with CactusVPN’s optimized servers. Whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just browsing the web, you’ll enjoy a smooth online experience.

8. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
CactusVPN works seamlessly across various devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more. Switch between devices effortlessly while maintaining your privacy and security.

9. Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi:
Protect yourself from hackers and snoopers on public Wi-Fi networks with CactusVPN. Keep your personal information safe, whether you’re at a coffee shop, airport, or hotel.

10. Risk-Free Trial:
Still not sure if CactusVPN is right for you? Try it out risk-free with their free trial! Explore all the features and benefits without committing, and see for yourself why CactusVPN is trusted by users worldwide.

Know about advantages

Benefits of Using CactusVPN Free Trial

Here are the advantages of the CactusVPN free trial:

  • Risk-free evaluation: The free trial allows you to test CactusVPN’s services without any financial commitment.
  • Access to full features: During the trial period, you have access to all the features and functionalities of CactusVPN that are available with a paid subscription.
  • Testing compatibility: The free trial allows you to check if CactusVPN is compatible with your devices and operating systems.
  • Testing geo-restriction bypass: The free trial allows you to test CactusVPN’s ability to bypass geo-restrictions and access content from different regions.
  • Speed and performance: You can assess the speed and performance of CactusVPN’s servers during the trial.


How long is the CactusVPN free trial?

The CactusVPN free trial lasts for a full 3 days, giving you ample time to test their VPN and Smart DNS services.

Do I need to provide my credit card details for the free trial?

No, CactusVPN does not require you to provide your credit card details for the free trial. It is truly risk-free and does not involve any financial commitments.

Can I cancel the free trial at any time?

Yes, you can cancel the free trial at any time during the trial period. If you decide not to continue with the service, simply let CactusVPN know before the trial ends.

What happens after the free trial ends?

Once the free trial ends, you have the option to subscribe to one of CactusVPN’s paid plans if you wish to continue using their services. If you choose not to subscribe, your access will be discontinued.

Does CactusVPN offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, CactusVPN provides 30 30-day money-back guarantees and a 100% money refund within 30 days.

Our Opinion-


We’ve covered all the important info to help you get your hands on CactusVPN’s free trial, whether it’s the 3-day or 30-day version. During this trial, you can explore all the features and tools, test its speed and performance, and see if it can bypass geo-restrictions.

The free trial lets you try out CactusVPN and decide if it’s the right fit for you. You can cancel anytime within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not happy with how it looks or any other reason.

With CactusVPN’s 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk in giving it a shot.