Course Hero Free Trial: A Comprehensive Guide to Get this Trial

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Get the Course Hero Free Trial in 2024 and Explore this Amazing Online Learning platform, its services, and Study Material for free.

Course Hero is one of the leading study resource websites that has a vast library of study material.

Are you looking for a Course Hero for Free?

This post will help you to start the Course Hero Trial or Unblur the CH Study Resources for Free.

Course Hero Free Trial 2024

As per our research, right now Course Hero is not providing the Free Trial directly to its users.

But there are some options by which you can access some Course Hero content for free. Users can unblur or unlock the Course Hero content by uploading their study material or doing some task like referring Course Hero to other people.


Upload your Study Material

Sharing your own study materials is the easiest way to get access to Course Hero’s big library of resources.

When you share what you know, you earn credits (called Unlocks) that you can use to unlock content. For every 10 documents you share, you can unblur 5 documents of your choice. It’s a give-and-take: the more you share, the more cool stuff you can access on Course Hero. So, ready to share and open the door to a ton of learning? Let’s do it!

Adding your study stuff is super simple! Just visit the Course Hero uploads page, go to the uploads section, and either pick your documents from your computer or drag and drop them. Easy peasy! Your uploads help make learning awesome for everyone.


Refer Course Hero to your Friend

Sharing the good stuff is always a win-win, especially when it comes to learning tools.

Let your friends in on the secret – if they sign up (which costs nothing), they get a cool 20% off. And the best part? For every friend you bring along, you get 8 tutor questions. It’s a pretty sweet deal, don’t you think? So, spread the word and let the learning savings and benefits begin!


Free Access to Some Resources:

Course Hero offers free access to certain study materials and resources, including documents that have been uploaded by other users. You can browse and view these materials without a subscription.

Users can access a limited set of study materials and ask up to 3 questions per month. This allows users to get a feel for the platform and its features before deciding whether to upgrade to a Premier membership for full access.


Ask and Answer Questions:

You can ask and answer questions related to your courses or study materials. This is a key feature of the platform that allows users to help each other understand difficult concepts, clarify doubts, and deepen their understanding of course material.

Engage in the Q&A section of Course Hero. By asking questions or providing helpful answers, you can earn “Unlocks” that allow you to access more content.

Course Hero Free Resourses

Promotions and Free Trials:

Course Hero occasionally offers promotions and free trials for their Premier membership, which provides full access to their library of study materials, expert tutors, and customizable flashcards.

These promotions and free trials can vary in duration and availability. Keep an eye on their website or promotional emails to take advantage of any free trial periods that may be available.

We collect all the above points from different resources, this information may change or may be wrong. But as a resource website, we shared our best details here.

Course Hero also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its all Plans. Thus, You can try out Course Hero’s plans with the assurance that you can get a refund if they’re not satisfied.

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Steps to Start Course Hero for Free

To start with Course Hero for free, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Official Course Hero website.

Step 2: Click on “Sign Up” and create a new account using your email address or Facebook account.

Course Hero log in

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions and answer the basic questions.

Step 4: Once your account is created, you can start exploring the study materials available on Course Hero.

Step 5: Look, for any Free Trials For the Paid plan. if, available, Click on “Start Free Trial”.

Remember, Course Hero occasionally offers promotions and free trials for their paid plans, so keep an eye out for these offers if you’re interested in trying out the full range of features.

Key Features of the Free Course Hero Trial

Course Hero offers certain benefits for users who access the platform for free. While the free access has limitations compared to the premium subscription, it still provides valuable resources. Here are some benefits of Course Hero free access:

  • Access to Study Materials:

Users can view a limited selection of study materials, including documents such as lecture notes, study guides, and practice exams. This can be helpful for supplementary learning.

  • Q&A Community Participation:

Users have access to the platform’s Q&A community, where they can ask questions related to specific problems or concepts. This allows for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among students.

Course Hero Free
  • Opportunity to Contribute:

By uploading their own study materials, users can contribute to the Course Hero community. This not only helps others but also earns the uploader “Unlocks,” which can be used to access more documents.

  • Limited Exposure to Premium Content:

During certain promotional periods or free trials, users may have limited access to premium features and content on the platform.

It’s important to recognize that while there are benefits to the free access, Course Hero’s full range of features, including unlimited access to documents, priority tutoring, and advanced study tools, is available through the subscription model.

About Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform that provides study resources, tutoring services, and educational tools to help students succeed academically.

The platform offers a vast library of study materials, including study guides, practice problems, flashcards, and more, for a wide range of subjects and courses.

Course Hero was founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer while he was attending Cornell University with the aim of creating a platform where students could access course-specific study resources contributed by other students and educators to supplement their learning.

In addition to study materials, Course Hero also offers tutoring services, where students can connect with tutors for one-on-one help with specific topics or concepts. Tutors are available 24/7, making it convenient for students to get help whenever they need it.

Course Hero Membership Plans

Course Hero offers two main membership plans:

  • Hero Trio
  • Premier

Course Hero Trio

The Hero Trio plan is designed to provide students with comprehensive support for their academic needs. It includes access to Course Hero’s extensive library of study materials, such as study guides, practice problems, and flashcards.

  • Annual Subscription -$11.95 /month ($143.40 charged yearly)
  • Quarterly Subscription -$23.95 /month ($71.85 charged quarterly)
  • Monthly Subscription -$29.95 /month ($29.95 charged monthly)

The Hero Trio plan includes 30 unlocks per month, 24/7 Homework Help with step-by-step explanations, and the ability to ask up to 10 questions per month to tutors.


Course Premier

The premier plan is ideal for students who are looking for a comprehensive study solution. Like the Hero Trio plan, the Premier plan also includes unlimited access to Course Hero’s library of study materials and 24/7 Homework Help.

Additionally, Premier members do not have any document view limits, allowing them to view an unlimited number of documents per month.

  • Annual Subscription-$9.95 /month ($119.40 charged yearly)
  • Quarterly Subscription-$19.95 /month ($59.85 charged quarterly)
  • Monthly Subscription-$24.95 /month ($24.95 charged monthly)

The Premier membership plan includes all the features of the Hero Trio plan, with some additional benefits. In addition to access to course assignments, past exams, lecture notes, expert explanations, and more, Premier members also receive customizable flashcards to aid in studying.

Hero Trio
Course-specific resources✔️✔️
Ask an expert tutor✔️✔️
AI homework help✔️✔️
Textbook solutions✔️✔️
QuildBot Premium ( AI Writing )✔️
Symbolab (Math Solver)✔️

Note: Both plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Steps to Cancel Course Hero Trial

If you decide that Course Hero is not for you, you can cancel your Course Hero Trial anytime by following these steps –

  • Log in to your Course Hero account
  • Click on your profile picture or initials in the top right corner of the screen, then select “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Account Settings menu, select “Subscription & Billing” to view your current subscription details.
  • Look for the option to cancel your subscription or free trial.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your trial. You may be asked to provide a reason for canceling.

Course Hero may send you a confirmation email to verify that your trial has been canceled. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you may want to contact Course Hero customer support to ensure that your trial has been canceled successfully.

Conclusion – Course Hero Free Trial 2024

In this article, we have shared all the possible ways, by which you can access Course Hero for free. Generally, It doesn’t offer a free trial for a specific period but here are some ways by which you can earn some points and redeem them by unlocking the study material.

Course Hero’s free access option serves as a valuable gateway to a wealth of educational resources. While it may not provide the full spectrum of premium features, it offers a generous selection of study materials and the opportunity to actively contribute to a collaborative learning community.

Engaging with the Q&A section, uploading your study materials, and earning Unlocks are steps toward enriching your academic journey without the need for a subscription.

For those seeking additional features, Course Hero’s subscription model provides an enhanced and comprehensive learning experience. Embrace the benefits of free access and consider the possibilities it offers for your educational pursuits.

Start exploring and enhancing your learning experience with Course Hero Today and take your learning to the next level!


Does Course Hero have a free trial?

course Hero typically does not offer a standard free trial. However, they may occasionally have promotional periods or special offers, so it’s worth checking the website for any current promotions

How long does the Course Hero free trial last?

The duration of any free trial period can vary. If Course Hero is offering a free trial, the specific length of the trial will be mentioned in the terms and conditions of the promotion.

What features are included in the Course Hero trial?

During a free trial, users may have access to premium features such as unlimited document views, priority access to tutors, and advanced study tools. The exact features included will be specified during the promotion.

What happens after the Course Hero free access ends?

If you don’t cancel before the trial period expires, you may be automatically enrolled in a paid subscription plan. Be aware of the terms and take any necessary steps to manage your subscription.

Can I cancel my Course Hero free trial at any time?

Typically, free trials come with the flexibility to cancel before the trial period ends to avoid any charges. Make sure to review the cancellation policy during the sign-up process.