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Start the mSpy Free Trial in 2024, and access & experience all the features for free without any initial commitment.

Are you looking for mSpy free trial?  If yes then you are at the right place.

mSpy is a Phone monitoring app for parental control. As parents, you can secure your child from cyberbullying, online predators, and violent content and you can monitor your child’s phone activity wherever you are.

In this article, we will know about the mSpy free trial, how we can get it, its features, plans, and more.

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mSpy Free Trial 2024:

mSpy Free Trial

It is hear to bad that mSpy reached to its free trial limits and that’s the reason mSpy doesn’t offer any free trial right now, but no need to worry it offers a free trial so check regularly its official website. 

As of now, with the mSpy discount offer, you can use its all essential features, You can get real-time updates and can track locations. 

The app itself is completely legal as long as it’s used responsibly and within the boundaries of law.

How to Get a Free Trial of mSpy?

As we have discussed before mSpy doesn’t offer any free trial, it offers discounts on its subscription plan, now we have mentioned some details to get a discount. 

Here are some steps:

Step1. Go to their Website.

Step2. When you reach their dashboard you will find a try now option in the top right corner, now click on this option.

Step3. Now you need to set up your account, so you can continue with your email address or you can continue with Google.

Step4. Now it will ask which device you will be monitoring, would it be ‘’Android’’ or ‘’iPhone’’, also there is a third option available that is ‘’Decide later’’, you can also choose it 

Step5.  Now Pick a plan, they have a plan for the three terms, 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Pic according to your needs.

Step6. Now it is the final step where you have to fill in your card details and submit an order.

So with these following steps, you can successfully purchase the subscription with discounts.

Key Features of the Free mSpy Trial

mSpy offers multiple features but here we will discuss about 5 major features which are most usable:

Calls & Contacts:

You can monitor all the call log information of the device, it allows users to track incoming calls and outgoing calls including time stamps and durations through its features.

Gps Location:

With mSpy, the leading mobile phone GPS tracking solution, you can track GPS coordinates with just a tap and see their location on a map. With geofencing technology, you can set safe zones and restricted areas.

Massanger and Social apps:

If the person communicates with the target device through Facebook Messenger or other social media, mSpy can allow you to secretly read all their messenger chats without them knowing.

mSpy features

Browser History and Bookmark:

mSpy provides a detailed record of browsing history, including, visited URLs, date, and time of access. Also, the app enables you to view all the bookmarks saved on the target device’s web browser.

Text Messages:

With these features, you can see what the person is saying in other text messages. You can track what notifications are coming on their text, and what reply they are giving.

What is mSpy?

mSpy was launched as a product for mobile monitoring in 2010 by a London-based tech company. mSpy is located in Edinburg, a city in the United Kingdom.

mSpy is a leading parental control solution that allows parents to see all the activities of their kids. It allows parents to monitor not only smartphones but also computers- Windows and Mac.

With mSpy You can keep an eye on what your kids do online and protect them from cyberbullying, online predators, adult content, suicidal thoughts, drug use, and other dangers that might await online.

mSpy Plans and Pricing:

Here we mention the plans & pricing of mSpy, you can compare them with features.

Features1 month Plan3 months Plan12 months Plan
Calls and Contactsyesyesyes
Gps Locationyesyesyes
Massanger and social appsyesyesyes
Browser History and Bookmarkyesyesyes
Text Messages yesyesyes
Smart Alarmsyesyesyes

How to Cancel the mSpy Trial?

To cancel your subscription plan you have to follow these steps which we have maintained below.

  • Log in to your mSpy account.
  • Navigate to the subscription setting or billing sections.
  • Follow the instructions provided for cancellations.
  • You can also reach out to mSpy’s customer support for assistance.

You can also request for refund from customer support and they will reach in 2-3 days.

Conclusion: mSpy Free Trial 2024

In conclusion, We have shared all the details about the mSpy free trial how we can get it, its benefits, plans, and the cancellation process.

mSpy offers a free trial but as of now, it hasn’t due to reached its free trial limits, so regularly check their official website and promotions for the upcoming free trial.

As of now, to start the mSpy features you need to pick the plan and you need a credit card to fill in the payment details.  

mSpy is the best way to secure your child from scams or mental disturbance and most importantly you can see your child’s whole day’s activity from anywhere.

So, Try the mSpy and be responsible parents for your child.


Does mSpy offer any free trial?

No as of now, it doesn’t offer any free trial but you can get some discount on its subscription plans.

How long we can use the mSpy?

It depends on what plans you pick, there are 3 plan options, 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months. Pick any plan wisely according to your needs.

Does mSpy offer a money-back guarantee?

No, mSpy does not offer any money-back guarantee offer.

Which plan is the best to use?

mSpy all features come in all three plans, now it depends on how long you want to use it.

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