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Survey Monkey is an online survey platform that helps you to create and run professional online surveys. Its free trial allows users to collect, Interpret, and analyze data to drive growth and innovation.

In this article, we will discuss Survey Monkey’s free trial, Survey Monkey all plans, Its features, and its pricing.

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Article AboutSurvey Monkey Free Trial
Trial days Lifetime
Trial Type Free Plan
Credit Card Required No 

SurveyMonkey Free Trial 2024: 

As of now, Survey Monkey doesn’t offer any free trial but it offers a free plan of their services.

The free plan allows You to analyze data to drive growth and surveys. There is no limit to crate surveys but there’s a limit of 10 questions per survey which includes text and images. 

SurveyMonkey Online Survey Tool

Survey Monkey’s free plan is intended for personal use only, This free plan is not for business purposes.

How to activate SurveyMonkey trial?

As we know there is no free trial of Survey Monkey, it has a free plan with highly limited features. Now if you want to sign up on Survey Monkey for free follow these steps which are mentioned below.

Step 1. Go to their Official Website 

Step 2. You will see ‘’sign-up free’’ on their home dashboard, click on it.

Step 3. Now create an account with your Gmail or any account.


Step 4. Now it will ask some questions like ‘’Do you want to use it for personal use or work use’’ and more, then choose every option according to your work.

Step 5. Now you will see the thank you message on your dashboard by their side, and also you are eligible for their free plan to use.

What features are included in the free trial?

As we have discussed before Survey Monkey has a free plan where you get limited features, Now we will know Survey Monkey’s free Plan’s features.

#1. Build with AI

This is an Amazing feature powered by the AI in Survey Monkey. This feature makes it easy and quick to create a survey. You can get higher-quality surveys with this feature.

#2. 3 Collectors Per Survey

These collectors are survey settings that enable you to customize the survey-taking experience for your respondents. And in the free plan, you get three collectors per survey.

#3. 24/7 Email support

In the free plan you get 24/7 email support, Where you can send them any queries related to issues on their support email ID and they will try to resolve your problem. 

#4. Pagination

This feature allows users to navigate the entire survey by clicking on a page number to go from one question to the next. This also allows one question per page Instead of displaying the entire survey on one webpage.

#5 Real-Time Results

This feature allows you to show your respondents a real-time summary of results when they complete the surveys, You can turn on this option from your collector’s options.

What Is SurveyMonkey?

Survey Monkey was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and Chris Finley, The organization is based in San Mateo, California, U.S. Currently 1300 employees are working in this organization.

Survey Monkey is an experience management company that offers cloud-based software for brand insights, market insights, product experience, employee experience, and more.

With a user-friendly interface, Survey Monkey offers customized templates and AI power tools to create surveys, analyze them, and launch them easily.

What plans and features are included in SurveyMonkey?

Survey Monkey offers three plans, the Team plan, the Individual Plan, and the enterprise plan, The Team Plan comes with two different plans, and the individual plan comes with 4 different plans. The free plan comes under Individual plans, Now we will discuss about all the Plans.

SurveyMonkey Pricing Plans including Free Plan

Team Plan

This Plan is for those people who have a large business scale and a particular team for their business, in this scenario, you can purchase a team plan, The team plan has also two different variations.

Team Advantage Plan: This advantage Plan comes in a team plan, This feature includes survey sharing, custom branding, and advanced analysis tools.

Key features of Team Plans:

  • Team Ownership
  • Additional users 
  • Unlimited Number of Surveys
  • Unlimited Collectors
  • Custom Survey Monkey URL
  • Data Trends 
  • Shared Themes 
  • Collect contact information 
  • A/b Test Questions Type
  • Email support

Team Premier Plan: In this Plan, you get more advanced, unique, and new features which makes it easy to work for your Team.

Key features of Team Premier Plan:

  • Including all features of the team advantage plan
  • Phone Support
  • Advanced Survey Logic
  • Remove the Survey Monkey footer
  • White Lable Survey 
  • Response Quality


Individual Plans

If you are self-employed or operate as a contractor, you can review or you can subscribe to the Survey Monkey individual plans. This Plan also comes with other four variations.

Basic Plan: This is a free plan of Survey Monkey that comes with limited but enough features to create surveys and design them.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Number of Surveys 
  • 10 questions per survey
  • 3 collectors per survey
  • 25 responses per month
  • 24/7 email support
  • 1 filter

Standard Plan: This is the standard Plan that comes with some standard features, This is also a starter individual plan in Survey Monkey.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Number of Surveys
  • Unlimited Questions per survey
  • Unlimited Collectors per survey
  • 1000 responses per month
  • Manual Tag Written Answers

Advantage Annual Plan: This plan comes with a more advanced plan, if you are thinking of purchasing a plan then you can purchase this plan. 

Key features:

  • Including all features of the Standard Plan
  • 15000 responses per year
  • Recurring Survey
  • Accept Payments
  • Expedited email support

Premium Annual Plan: This plan comes with more premium and unique features, and also it comes with an annual subscription.

Key Features:

  • Includes all features of the Advantage annual plan
  • 40,000 responses per year
  • Phone support
  • Click Map Data Visualization
  • Custom HTML Email Invitation

Features Comparison Table:

FeaturesBasic PlanStandard PlanAdvantage annual planPremier annual plan
Number of SurveysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Questions per Surveys 10 questions per surveyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of responses25 Responses1000 Responses15,000 Responses 40,000 Responses
Number of Collectors3 Collectors UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
24/7 email supportsYesYesYesYes
Phone supportYes
Expert pre-written survey40 short survey templates 180+180+180+
File uploadYesYes
Progress barYesYesYesYes
Text FormattingYesYes

Conclusion: SurveyMonkey Free Trial

In Conclusion, We have covered all the details about SurveyMonkey, we have seen that SurveyMonkey offers a free plan with limited features instead of a free trial.


You can get a free plan of SurveyMonkey without any card requirement or any financial commitment.

The SurveyMonkey free Plan is the best way to automate your work and analyze your data to make surveys. So now try its free plan and make your decision to purchase its paid plan or not.


Does Survey Monkey offer any free trial?

No Survey Monkey doesn’t offer any free trial, It offers a free plan with limited features.

Is any card required?

No, There is no card required to get a free plan.

How Long do we use the Free plan? 

You can use a free plan with limited features for a lifetime.

Does Survey Monkey offer any money-back guarantee?

No Survey Monkey does not offer any money-back guarantee.

How to Cancel the Free Plan?

If you want to cancel the free plan you just need to delete your account.