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Trial Type: Default Trial
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The Great Courses offers a 30 days Free Trial, it gives you unlimited access to their entire library of over 10,000+ video and audio lectures across various subjects, including History, Science, Mathematics, Literature, Business Skills, Photography, Cooking, Travel and many more.

The Great Courses website occasionally offers 30 days free trials or discounts on individual courses. Keep an eye on their website or sign up for their email list to be notified of these offers.

You can enjoy a variety of lectures and documentaries from the comfort of your own home during the free trial.

Free Trial of The Great Courses 2024

Wondrium known as “The Great Course” is a most popular streaming platform that offers a big library of educational content in the form of courses, documentaries, lectures, and other video and audio formats. Wondrium is the place to experience the pure joy of learning—anytime, anywhere.

Key PointsWondriumThe Great Courses
Access ModelSubscriptionIndividual Purchases
Content VarietyWider range from various creatorsPrimarily their own courses
FormatStreaming onlyDownloads, audio, DVDs
PriceMonthly, Quarterly, or Annual SubscriptionIndividual course price

Wondrium offers a 14 day free trial, you have unlimited access to Wondrium’s entire library of courses, documentaries, libraries, and other educational content. This includes content for the “The Great Courses”.

Wondrium Trial Detail Page

If you love learning, you may spend hours searching for quality lectures or documentaries. With The Great Courses, you can stream lectures from credible sources anytime.

The Great Courses allow you to learn about subjects before you take your first class. The Great Courses offers more than classes. You can also have special access to documentaries with The Great Courses and you can enjoy the lectures without the homework.

You can find some free sample lectures on The Great Courses website,  but they can give you a taste of the instructor’s style and the content covered.

Wondrium offers various membership plans to suit different learning needs and budgets for their users:-

  1. Monthly Plan:   $20/- month.
  2. Quarterly Plan: $15/- month.
  3. Annual Plan:     $12.50/- month.

What is The Great Courses?

The Great Courses is a series of college-level audio and video courses produced and distributed by The Teaching Company, an American company based in Chantilly, Virginia. As of 2015, it had created over 700 courses.

In 1990, the company was founded by Thomas M. Rollins, former Chief Counsel of the United States Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources. Rollins had been inspired by a 10-hour videotaped lecture series by Irving Younger he watched while at Harvard Law School, and he began enrolling professors and experts to record lectures.

You can learn at your own speed, anytime and anywhere and watch lectures on your computer, phone, tablet, or smart TV.

How to Get the “The Great Courses” Free Trial?

Getting a free trial for The Great Courses is a very easy process, there are some steps of the free trial:-

Step 1: Visit the official “The Great Courses” website.

Step 2: Click on the top bottom of the “SPECIAL OFFERS” button.

Wondrium Pricing Plans with 14 Days Trial

Step 3: Click the “Start Free Trial” button.

Step 4: Now another page will appear, you can see the “Start free trial” button click on them.

Step 5: Now you see a plan page, choose a plan according to your requirements and click on the “Select and Continue” button.

Step 6: Create your account with “Email” and “Password” and click on the “Create Account & Continue” button.

Step 7: Now fill in the required address & payment details and click on the “Join Now” button.

Now, you can enjoy your “The Great Courses” free trial.

Benefits of the Wordrium Trial

The benefits of The Great Courses of their 30 days free trial are:-

Flexible Learning at Your Speed:

Enjoy the lectures on your terms, anytime and anywhere, on your computer, phone, tablet, or smart TV.

Discover Your Learning Style:

Explore different formats and instructors to see what connects with you and helps you retain information best.

Risk-Free Exploration:

With no charges during the trial period, you can freely explore the platform, discover new interests, and learn without any financial commitment.

Unrestricted Access to a Big Learning Library:

Dive into over 10,000+ video and audio lectures across a wide range of subjects, from history and science to literature and personal development.

Experience Renowned Instructors:

Learn from professors, experts, and thought leaders, ensuring high-quality and engaging content delivered by passionate individuals.

Sample the Quality:

You can experience the platform quality and watch lectures by renowned professors and experts, assess their teaching styles, and evaluate the overall learning experience.

No Risk:

Importantly, the free trial comes with no risk. You won’t be charged unless you forget to cancel before the trial ends.

Test Features and functionality:-

Explore features like downloadable audio, bookmarking, and community forums to see if they develop your learning journey and fit your needs. 

Make an informed decision:

By experiencing The Great Courses you can make a well-informed decision about whether to subscribe based on your learning goals and choices.

How to Cancel the The Great Courses Free Trial?

There are a few points to cancel the “The Great Courses ” free trial:-

  • Visit “The Great Courses” website:
  • “Log in” to your account.
  • Click on your account icon (usually in the top right corner).
  • Select “My Account” from the dropdown menu.
  • Under “My Membership”, click on “Manage Subscription”.
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”.
  • Follow the “on-screen instructions” to confirm your cancellation.

Conclusion The Great Courses Plus Free Trial

In this article, we shared all the details about the “The Great Course” free trial. You enjoyed the trial, found a variety of courses, and learned new things without getting charged.

The Great Courses is an online streaming service that offers hundreds of courses from experts in specific fields. The courses cover a wide range of topics, including history, science, technology, arts, literature, and philosophy. The courses are of high quality and presented in a way that is engaging and easy to understand.

“The Great Course” Learning is the largest professional learning platform that provides the best quality education and great placement assistance. You can use a trial membership to listen for free for 30 days. During that time, you can listen to any course of your choosing.

Wondrium’s free trial depends on your individual experience and learning goals. You have full access to thousands of courses on various topics during the trial. 

Many courses are taught by experts and professors, ensuring quality learning material. You will get full access to hundreds of additional streaming videos, including lectures, documentaries, series and many more. 

Wondrium offers a free trial that allows you to access its entire library of thousands of courses across various topics like science, history, cooking, personal development, arts, and more. Wondrium’s free trial is a great way to explore its platform and see if it meets your learning needs. 


How long is the free trial for great courses?

“The Great Course” free trial period is of 30 days.

Do I have access to everything during the “The Great Course” free trial?

Yes, you have unlimited access to The Great Courses’ entire library of video and audio lectures during the trial period.

Can I download courses during the free trial?

Yes, you can download courses for offline viewing during the trial.

What is the “The Great Course”?

“The Great Course” Learning is the largest professional learning platform that provides the best quality education and great placement assistance.

Do I get a discount after the trial ends?

The Great Courses often offers promotional discounts after your 30 days free trial period.

Do I need to provide my payment information to start the trial?

Yes, you need to enter your payment details to start the 30 days free trial. 

Who is eligible for the “The Great Courses” free trial?

Only new customers can sign up for the free trial in “The Great Courses”.

Can I use the free trial on multiple devices? 

Yes, you can access “The Great Courses” from any device with a web browser or mobile app.

What is included in the 30 days free trial?

You have unlimited access to The Great Courses’ entire library of over 10,000+ video and audio lectures on various subjects.

Can I use “The Great Courses” on multiple devices?

Yes, “The Great Courses” on any device with a web browser or a mobile app, but an internet connection is recommended to stabilise the network.

How long is the Wondrium Free Trial?

The Wondrium offers a 14 days free trial period.

How do I cancel the Wondrium trial?

You can easily cancel your subscription through your account settings on the Wondrium website.