Thinkific Trial: A Comprehensive Guide To Get this Trial for Free

30 Days

Trial Type: Default Trial
Trial Days: 14 Days, 30 Days
Free Plan: Yes Available
Credit Card: Yes Required

Get the Thinkific Free Trial for 14 Days or 30 Days, Here are complete details about the Thinkific Trial, Free Plan, and How to use this.

Thinkific is a platform that enables organizations or communities to create, market, sell, and deliver their own online courses.

If you’re looking for Thinkific for free, Here is good news for you Thinkific offers an option of a Free trial as well as a free plan with different features and terms and conditions. 

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Thinkfic free trial & plan, including how to sign up, what features are included, and tips for making the most of your trial & plan period.

Thinkific Free Trial 2024

There are special 30 Days free trial on the Thinkific Start and Grow plan.

If you direct visit on the pricing page, you will see only 14 days trial option on these plans, but if you visit using our special link, you can get 30 Days free trial on Thinkific.

On the Basic plan, there are only 14 Days free trial option on its pricing page.

Thinkific’s free trial will help you to test out all the features and tools that are offered by Thinkific.

If you want to try Thinkific before committing to a monthly or yearly plan, you can sign up for our free trial. Plans can be upgraded at any time.

You can try out most of the advanced features on the free trial of the Thinkific paid plan for 30 days trial and in between if you don’t find the Plan useful you can easily get a full refund by canceling it before the trial ends.

Thinkific Free Plan:

Thinkific has a free lifetime plan where they offer unlimited tools with access to its core features for their users.

Thinkific built a never-ending free plan with the aim that all people and businesses begin building their first online course and community for free without any transnational fees. 

The features you’ll get in the Thinkfic free plan are- 

  • You can create one course and one community.
  • There are two spaces available in the community so you can split the discussions by topic.
  • One administrator and enrollment to Unlimited Students.
  • Email and chatbot facility for 30 days.
  • Easy to use website themes.
  • You can create course quizzes and surveys.
  • Drag and drop course builder which allows you in course creation and easily arrange and organize course content using a visual interface. 
  • Plus, 100% ownership of content

Steps to Start a Free Trial of Thinkific:

So, if you are a beginner or new to the platform, then the free trial can help you get started. 

Here are simple steps to start Thinkific free trial : 

Step 1:  Visit the Thinkific Official website.

Step 2: Go to the Pricing Section in the menu bar.

Step 3: Select a plan according to your requirements.

Step 4: Enter your email address and sign in by filling out the form. 

Step 4: Click on Get Started follow the next steps and give the credit-card details.

Your account is successfully created now, you can explore and use the premium features of the plan as a free trial for 30 days, and further, if you don’t want to continue because of any reason cancel the plan within this duration and get your money back.

Steps to Start a Thinkific Free Plan:

Get The Thinkific free plan for a lifetime with these simple steps- 

Step 1: Visit Thinkific official website

Step 2: Scroll down and in the free plan section click on “Sign up free”.

Step 3: Enter your email address and basic information and click on Start.

your account has been successfully created and Now, you can enjoy all available features for free.

Key features of Thinkific

Thinkific has a suite of tools and features to make it an engaging learning product that students will keep coming back to. Here, are a few key features of Thinkific –

Thinkific Features
  • Course Creation

Thinkific allows users to create, customize, and publish online courses using multiple formats such as text, video, downloads, PDFs, audio, and presentations.

  • Build Websites

You can create a professional web storefront to promote your online course and other learning products even without coding skills.

  • Student Engagement

Keep your students engaged with interactive features such as discussions, surveys, quizzes, and assignments. You can also schedule automated emails to remind students of upcoming deadlines or course updates.

  • Sales and Marketing

Thinkific provides tools to help you market your courses and boost sales. You can create custom landing pages, offer discounts and coupons, and set up affiliate programs to incentivize others to promote your courses.

  • Student Management

Manage your students’ enrollment, progress, and completion certificates all from within the Thinkific platform. You can also provide support through the platform’s messaging system.

  • Integration

Thinkific integrates with a variety of third-party tools and services to enhance your course experience. You can connect with popular email marketing services like Mailchimp, automate workflows with Zapier, and track student analytics with Google Analytics.

  • Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your course performance with Thinkific’s analytics and reporting tools. Track student progress, engagement, and revenue to optimize your courses for success.

About Thinkific: 

Thinkific was founded in 2012 by Greg Smith, and Matt Smith, alongside Miranda Lievers and Matt Payne. The headquarters of  Thinkific is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Thinkific Free Trial

Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online products (courses and communities) from their existing knowledge, and then deliver or sell those products to their audience from their website, under their own brand.

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for building amazing learning products. With Thinkific you can – 

  • Create Amazing content 
  • Built a website to market your business 
  • Generate income by selling 
  • And grow and scale your business 

It offers the tools you need for every step of your online journey, from initial product creation, to well past your launch.

Thinkific Paid Plan: 

Currently, Thinkific pricing options include 1 free and 3 paid plans:

Let’s go through each Thinkific Paid plan one by one.



With Thinkific Basic Plan, you can gain access to core features and essential tools you need to successfully launch your online learning business.


  • Monthly Subscription:  $49 /month
  • Annual Subscription: $36/month (Total – $432/year)

The basic plan offers all free plan features with Unlimited Course creation,1 community, 5 spaces per community, 1 administrator, enrollment to Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email and live chat support, and Branded Mobile (Add-on). 



With the Thinkific start plan, you can Unlock additional features designed to help drive student engagement and create an amazing student experience.


  • Monthly Subscription:  $99 /month
  • Annual Subscription: $74/month (Total – $888/year)

Start Plan offers all basic plan features plus extras such as access to Unlimited Courses creation, 1 community, 10 spaces per community, 1 administrator, enrollment for Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email and live chat support, and Branded Mobile (Add on). In addition, Live lessons, Memberships & payment plans, Advanced course-building options, Advanced website code editing, and many more.



With a Thinkific grow plan, you can Grow your online business with more advanced tools that will help you sell more and expand into multiple learning products.


  • Monthly Subscription:  $199 /month
  • Annual Subscription: $149/month (Total – $1788/year)

Grow plan offers all start plan features with Unlimited Course creation, 3 communities, 20 spaces per community, 2 administrators, enrollment to Unlimited Students, 0% transaction fee, Email, and live chat support, and Branded Mobile (Add-on). In addition, Remove Thinkific branding, Thinkific  Analytics, Bulk student email, and Bulk enrollmentsAPI access. 

How to Cancel Thinkific Trial?

To cancel your Thinkfic trial, follow these steps –  

  • Select Account from the left-hand navigation of the Admin Dashboard
  • Click Account Management
  • Click Manage Subscription
  • Select Cancel Plan
  • Fill out confirmation popups to complete the cancellation
  • Your account will now be on our Free plan with core Free plan features.

Conclusion – Thinkific 30 Days Free Trial

In this article, we have shared all possible information about Thinkific’s 30-day Free Trial and about a free plan with everything you can get in the free trial and free plan, how to cancel the free trial, and all other plans that Thinkific offers. 

Thinkific is allowing you to test drive this #1 online course platform for free. There’s no time boundation and you don’t even need a credit card for a free plan.

Create and sell online courses, build vibrant communities, and monetize memberships. Turning your expertise into revenue just got a lot easier.

Start your free trial! 

Hope you found this article useful and stay in touch for more such Free Trial Updates. 


How long can you use Thinkific for free?

Thinkific has a free plan that offers free access for a lifetime. There is no time limit but there are limited features available with the free plan. You can also get free access to Thinkific paid plan features for 30 days in the Thinkific free trial.

What is a Thinkific Money Back Guarantee?

Thinkific provides you with Money back Guarantee. if you cancel your plan for any reason within a period of 30- days, they will refund all your money back. 

Does Thinkific have a free trial?

Yes, Thinkific offers a 30-day free trial on its basic and start plan. In Thinkific risk-free trial, you can use all features of a paid plan for free, and within this period if you don’t want to continue the plan, you can easily cancel your plan and get a full refund.

How long does the Thinkific free trial last?

The Thinkific free trial lasts for 30 days.

What features are included in the free trial?

During the free trial, you’ll have access to Thinkific’s core features, including course creation tools, customizable course websites, student management features, and basic marketing tools. You can use these features to set up your online courses and start building your online teaching business.

Do I need to provide payment information to sign up for the free trial?

Yes, you’ll be required to provide payment information when signing up for the free trial.

Can I cancel my free trial before it ends?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial at any time before the trial period expires to avoid being charged.