Tidal Free Trial: 10 Working Methods for Up to 6 Months Trial

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Here are 9 Working Methods to Start Tidal Free Trial Account for 1 Months, 3 Months, and 6 Months in 2024 with all Premium Music and Pro Features.

This article will help you start:

  • Tidal 30 Days Default Trial
  • 7 Ways for Tidal 3 Months Trial
  • 2 Way for 6-Month Tidal Trial

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This Page will help you to Start a Tidal Trial with all the complete details.

Tidal free trial gives you an opportunity to explore Tidal’s extensive music catalog, high-fidelity audio options, music videos, playlists, and exclusive content.

You can experience all the music services by audio and video with its high-quality features.

9 Different Methods to Activate Longest Trial.

Methods for Tidal Free Trial in 2024

In addition to offering free trial periods for new users to discover its capabilities, Tidal allows users to download their favorite tunes for offline listening.

Tidal offers different subscription tiers, including a Premium plan and the HiFi plan, allowing users to choose the level of audio quality that suits their preferences.

Tidal frequently provides free trial periods for new users to explore its features, and users can also enjoy offline listening by downloading their favorite tracks.

Tidal Free Trial

Tidal provides a free trial with different types of subscriptions and products. Here we are going to share each method by which you can avail of Tidal free and use it for your Audio system.


Tidal Free Trial 30 Days

Default Method for New Tidal Users.

Tidal is offering 30 Days Free Trial for its new users, During this trial period users can listen to their favorite music, stream podcasts, and enjoy quality audio.

It is very easy to start a Tidal Free 30 30-day trial, you just only need a new email address and sign up on the Tidal application.


Tidal Free Trial 3 Months

Working and Active Different Methods.

Here are some services and products that come with Tidal 3-month free trial. When you purchase that product or subscribe service you will get this free trial.

  • With T-Mobile – For the Poland users T-Mobile provides 90 Days Trial with their Subscription.
  • With Best Buy – It is offering a 3-month trial with a Qualifying Product Purchase.
  • With Sony Experia – With the Xperia smartphone, you are able to get 3 months of Tidal HiFi Plus trial.
  • With Swisscom – Get a 3-month Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus free trial and a 360-day 10% discount.
  • Denon DJ –  Play Tidal on Denon DJ with a 3-month HiFi Plus free trial
  • Mercedes Benz – Access a free HiFi Plus subscription for 3 months
  • JBL Headphones – With its headphones, you will acquire a 3 months trial with Tidal HiFi.

2.1 Tidal 90 Days Trial with T-Mobile

For Poland Users, a T-Mobile subscription provides a 90-day or 3-month free Trial with their services. During this trial period, it doesn’t consume any data charges from your T-Mobile Pack, It will add 19.90 PLN to your billing but won’t charge anything during the first 90 days.

You can cancel, this Tidal trial by sending a message to 8017 saying ‘TIDAL ANULUJ’.


Tidal Free 6 Months Trial

Here are 2 Ways to get a Tidal Trial for up to 6 Months.

With Boost Mobile Tidal is offering a 6 months trial. To activate this trial simply visit on click the Manage My Pand and Add Ons option and choose $0 Tidal 6 Month Trial.

[Expired] Earlier Sprint Unlimited used to provide a 6-month Tidal Free Trial to their Plus Customers.

How To Get Free Tidal Trial

To get a Tidal free trial, follow these general steps:

Step-1 Visit the Official Website:

Go to the official Tidal website.

Step-2 Choose a Subscription Plan:

Tidal offers various subscription plans, including Premium and HiFi. Select the plan you’re interested in for the free trial. Keep in mind that the HiFi plan usually includes high-fidelity audio.

Step-3 Create an Account:

Click on the “Start Free Trial” or similar button. You’ll be prompted to create a Tidal account. Provide the necessary information, including your email address and password.

Step-4 Enter Payment Information:

Tidal often requires you to enter payment information even for a free trial. This is because the trial automatically transitions into a paid subscription if not canceled before the trial period ends. Be sure to read the terms and conditions regarding billing.

Step-5 Start Your Free Trial:

Once your account is set up and payment information is entered, start your free trial.

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a subscription-based music streaming service renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality audio content.

Tidal distinguishes itself by offering a HiFi subscription tier that provides users with access to lossless or CD-quality audio, appealing especially to audiophiles seeking superior sound. Beyond its emphasis on audio fidelity, Tidal has gained attention for its exclusive content partnerships with artists.

The platform features a diverse catalog of music videos, exclusive albums, and behind-the-scenes footage, with some artists choosing to release their work exclusively on Tidal for a limited time. In addition to its extensive music library, Tidal provides curated playlists, artist radio stations, and podcasts, catering to a wide range of user preferences.

Advantages of Free Tidal Account

Here are the advantages of the Tidal free trial:

Tidal Free Trial

Access to Full Music Catalog:

During the free trial, users can explore Tidal’s extensive music catalog, which includes a vast library of songs spanning various genres.

High-Fidelity Audio:

Tidal is known for its commitment to high-fidelity audio, and the free trial provides users with the opportunity to experience premium sound quality, including lossless and high-resolution audio.

Enjoy the Exclusive Content:

Users can enjoy exclusive content, including albums, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage from artists who have partnered with Tidal.

Music Videos and Visual Content:

The free trial includes access to Tidal’s collection of music videos, allowing users to enjoy a visual experience alongside their favorite songs.

Curated Playlists:

Tidal offers curated playlists created by both human editors and algorithms, providing a diverse selection of music tailored to different moods, genres, and occasions.

Artist Radio:

Users can create personalized radio stations based on their favorite artists, introducing them to a mix of tracks from the chosen artist and related musicians.

Listen Podcasts:

Tidal has expanded its content library to include podcasts, and users can explore a variety of shows on different topics during the trial.

Offline Listening:

Subscribers to the free trial can download songs for offline listening, enabling them to enjoy music without an active internet connection.

Flexibility to Choose Subscription Tier:

Tidal typically offers different subscription tiers, including Premium and HiFi. The free trial allows users to experience the features of their chosen tier.

How To Cancel Tidal Trial

These are the steps to avail Tidal free trial.

  1. Log into your Tidal account on the Tidal website.
  2. Navigate to your account settings.
  3. Locate the section related to your “subscription “or “membership“.
  4. Look for a “Cancel” trial option.
  5. Click on the cancellation option and follow the provided steps.
  6. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.
  7. Check for a confirmation email from Tidal.
  8. Monitor your bank or credit card statements for any unexpected charges.

Conclusion – Tidal Free Trial for 3/6 Months 2024

The tidal free trial gives you an opportunity to experience high-fidelity music streaming services and allows you to explore the platform’s extensive music catalog, exclusive content, and premium audio quality.

Its features such as curated playlists, artist radio, podcasts, and offline listening, the trial provide a well-rounded glimpse into Tidal’s offerings.

Tidal is one of the best music streaming platforms and provides 1 Months, 3 Months, and 6 Months Trial options. Here are some more Music Streaming Platforms Trial to enjoy your favorite Music and Audio absolutely free.

Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred subscription tier during the trial and can enjoy visual content through music videos.

The trial also includes the option to cancel before transitioning into a paid subscription, ensuring users have control over their subscription decisions.


How can I sign up for the Tidal free trial?

Visit the Tidal website and follow the sign-up process. Look for a “Start Free Trial” or similar option.

Is the Tidal free trial available to everyone?

Yes, it is available for all new users.

What features are included in the Tidal free trial?

The free trial typically includes access to Tidal’s full music catalog, high-fidelity audio, exclusive content, music videos, curated playlists, and more.

How long does the Tidal free trial last?

The trial duration may vary, so check the terms and conditions during the sign-up process for the specific duration.

Is payment information required for the Tidal free trial?

Yes, Tidal often requires payment information even for the free trial. Understand the terms regarding billing and cancellation.

Can I cancel the Tidal free trial?

Yes, you can cancel the trial before it transitions into a paid subscription.

What happens if I don’t cancel before the trial period ends?

If not canceled, the trial will automatically transition into a paid subscription. Be aware of the trial’s end date and set a reminder if needed.

Can I choose my subscription tier during the free trial?

Yes, you can typically choose your preferred subscription tier during the trial period

Can I use the Tidal free trial on multiple devices?

Tidal usually allows access on multiple devices during the trial. Check for device compatibility and limitations.

Are there any special promotions or discounts after the Tidal free trial?

Inquire about any promotions or discounts for new subscribers who continue with a paid subscription after the trial.