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Trial Days: 12 Month
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Start the Vultr Free Trial in 2024, and Experience the Platform and its features for free without any initial commitment.

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Vultr is a cloud-hosting platform that offers cloud-hosting services, SSDs, and cloud infrastructure to users. The Vultr free trial allows users to use hosting on a cloud server for free.

Further in this article, we will provide information about how you can get the Vultr free trial, its features, and more.

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Vultr Free Trial 2024:

You can start a Vultr free trial with a Vultr Free Credit Coupon code,  While you sign up on Vultr with a coupon code, it offers you some credits amount to start your trial.  

Vultr trial is a risk-free way for users to test its cloud platform, virtual servers, storage, and other resources without any cost.

Vultr Free Trial

 Vultr is offering some Coupon Code options for their new customers only. 

1. Use the Special Link

Get a Free $100 Credit in your Vultr account just after sign-up. You don’t need to deposit any amount like Step-2 or Step-3.


By using this coupon code you can double your deposit, When you open a new account and deposit the $100 and use this code then Vulture will match your first deposit of Dollars and you will receive another $100 as a bonus amount.


If you are a new user and you are creating your account for the first time, then you can use this coupon code, By using this coupon code Vulture will credit you $200 for free to start your free trial experience with Vulture.

How to Start a Free Trial of Vultr?

You can start a trial with credit, Just you need to follow these steps which we have mentioned below.

Step1. Go to their Website.

Step2. When you reach their dashboard search for Coupon Code situated in the footer section and select one coupon out of two. 

Step 3. When you select the coupon and go to their details. Now create the account with your Gmail. 

Step4. When you enter your email and password, you receive an authentication code on your email, Put that code.

Step5. Now you have successfully registered your account on Vultr, You can now customize your account.

Congratulation! Now you can use your free credits to experience the Vultr cloud services.

Key Features of Free Vultr Trial

Vultr offers multiple features that you can use during your trial, Now will know about the features.

Vultr Features

Data center locations: 

Vultr offers data center locations globally, allowing users to deploy their resources closer to their target audience for improved performance. This includes geographic diversity, high availability, and Scalability.

Control Panel: 

The control panel enables the creation of API keys under your main account and enables an additional layer of security by supporting configurable IP access lists.

Advanced Network:

This high-speed public and private networking feature enables enterprises to deploy highly customizable and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Operating System: 

This operating system allows users to use operating systems such as Debian, Fedora, Windows, Rocky, Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, and OpenBSD.

Vultr Compliance: 

Vultr is a leader in delivering Cloud solutions to customers aligned with a framework that allows customers to achieve their compliance objectives.

What is Vultr?

Vultr was founded in 2014 by David Anninowsky with admission to simplify the cloud. Vultr is located in 32 data centers around the globe, But its headquarters is in  Matawan, 14 Clifwood Ave W, United States, and has 2 office locations.

Vultr provides shared and dedicated CPU, Cloud inference, Cloud storage, Nvidia cloud GPUs, Managed database, and more.

The company’s mission is to make high-performance cloud computing easier to use, affordable, and locally accessible.

Vultr Membership Plan

Vultr offers some plans and products which is important to make a website in a cloud server.


Cloud GPU

Cloud GPU provides access to the latest technology, which enables you to build, deploy, and globally serve on a large scale. You can use it with Multiple Nvidia GPUs.


  • NVIDIA GH200


Cloud Compute

This is a Cloud Compute Plan of Vultr, Also it is easy to use and suitable for many business and personal applications. This plan offers shared CPUs.

This plan is affordable plan and high-performance with high frequency for new generations.


  • Shared and dedicated CPUs
  • Regular performance
  • High performance        
  • High frequency


Optimized Cloud Compute

It is an optimized version of  Cloud Compute. Optimized Cloud Compute is for enterprise-level, data-intensive applications, and high-performance multi-tasking.

Its dedicated CPUs ensure that these machines deliver fast, consistence performance that many business application requires.


  • CPU Optimized
  • Storage Optimized
  • Memory Optimized

How to Cancel Vultr Trial?

When you use $200 credits amounts Free trial will automatically expire. Other than this if you want to close your free trial account then You may Close your account by using the feature provided in the services or,  the alternative by emailing them at

You can follow these steps to close your account.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the profile section where you will see the logout of this account click on that button.
  • Now you have successfully closed your account.

We have described all the details to close your free trial account.

Conclusion – Vultr Free Trial 2024

In conclusion, we have shared all the details about the Vultr free trial where you can use a cloud server and cloud hosting with a Vultr credit coupon code. 

Vutr offers a free trial with a credit of $200 on the register with this FLYTWOHUNDRED coupon code without any card requirement. You can use it until it expires.

So, Try the Vultr free trial with its free credit and use all the features of Vultr and enjoy your amazing experience.


Does Vultr Offers any free trial?

Vultr offers a free trial with its free credit of $200 when you register with its coupon code.

Is any credit card required?

No, There is no credit card required to get its free credit, only you need to register with its free $200 credit coupon code.

How long we can use this free credit coupon code?

You can use this free credit coupon code for 12 months.

How much time we can use this free credit coupon code? 

You can use it only for one time when you register with your new Gmail account.

Can existing customers use the coupon codes to get free credit?

No, the Free credit coupon code option is only for new users. Existing customers can’t use this free credit coupon code.