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LA Fitness offers you a Free 3 Day Guest Pass to experience their facilities and services. With this La Fitness Free Trial, you can experience the instruments and environment with LA Fitness hours.

LA Fitness is a well-known fitness club with memorial day hours and it runs with more than 700 clubs across the US & Canada.

LA Fitness gives you a free day pass for 3 days through which you can experience the La Fitness facilities and workout environment. If you are looking for a top-notch gym membership then LA Fitness free trial is a great option for you.

It Is Exciting, Right? LA Fitness provides 3 Day Guest Pass Free Trial!

But, now the question is, how we can get this La Fitness Free Pass?

So just stay with us, Because further in this article, we will provide information about how you can get this Day Pass.

LA Fitness Free Day Pass Trial 2024

LA Fitness Free Day Pass

LA Fitness is a well-known chain of fitness centers with locations in both countries US and Canada. It offers a Free 3 Day Guest Pass Trial to new users, who want to experience their facilities.

By signing up for the La Fitness free trial you can assess the LA Fitness locations, convenience, and accessibility, and it helps you to find the right fit location for you.

It also provides personal training services for those seeking a more personalized fitness experience.

How to Get Free Trial of La Fitness Day Pass

To get a La Fitness Free Trial, you can follow these general steps:

LA Fitness Free Trial 3 Day Pass

Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the official LA Fitness website. Look for any promotions, free trial offers, or guest pass information on the site.

Free Pass: Click on the “Free Pass” button, and fill in the required details or payment details.

Contact Local LA Fitness Club: Call or visit your local LA Fitness club directly. The staff at the club should be able to provide information about any ongoing promotions, including free trial options.

In-Person Visit: If you prefer an in-person approach, you can visit the LA Fitness Club near you.

Social Media and Special Promotions: Follow LA Fitness on social media platforms. Sometimes, gyms promote special offers, including free trials, on their social media pages.

Partnerships and Affiliations: La Fitness may have partnerships or affiliations with certain organizations, employers, or community groups that offer special promotions or trial passes. Check if you qualify for any such partnerships.

Attend Special Events: Some LA Fitness locations may host special events or open houses where they offer free trials or promotions to attendees. Check for any upcoming events at your local club.

What is LA Fitness?

LA Fitness is a prominent chain of fitness clubs operating in the United States and Canada. As a comprehensive health and fitness solution, LA Fitness provides a diverse array of amenities and services to cater to individuals with varying fitness goals and preferences.

Their facilities are equipped with a range of gym equipment, including cardio machines and weightlifting gear, fostering a conducive environment for strength training and cardiovascular workouts.

Additionally, La Fitness offers a variety of group fitness classes such as yoga, spin, and Zumba, often led by certified instructors.

Many locations feature indoor swimming pools for aquatic exercise, and some include sports facilities like basketball and racquetball courts.

LA Fitness Locations

There are many locations in the US and Canada where La Fitness Clubs are situated.

Cities with Number of La Fitness Locations In USA

San AntonioTexas34
Los AngelesCalifornia34

Cities with Number of La Fitness Locations In Canada

East GwillimburyOntario1
Niagara FallsOntario1

Advantages of LA Fitness Free Day Pass Trial

Participating in an LA Fitness free trial can offer several advantages for individuals considering a gym membership. Here are some potential benefits:

Exploration of Facilities:

A free trial provides an opportunity to explore the gym’s facilities, including the range and quality of equipment, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere.

Fitness Class Access:

Many LA Fitness locations offer a variety of group fitness classes. With a free trial, individuals can attend these classes to determine if they enjoy the instruction styles and find classes that align with their fitness goals.

Understanding Gym Culture:

Each gym has its own unique culture and community. A free day pass enables potential members to interact with current members, observe the gym’s culture, and assess whether it aligns with their own fitness mindset and goals.

Convenience and Location:

Trying out the gym for free allows individuals to assess its location, convenience, and accessibility. This is important in determining whether the gym fits well into their daily routine and lifestyle.

Motivation and Inspiration:

Experiencing the gym environment during a trial period may serve as motivation and inspiration for individuals to kick-start their fitness journey. It allows them to visualize how the gym can contribute to their health and wellness goals.

No Immediate Financial Obligation:

The free trial allows individuals to explore the gym without the immediate financial commitment associated with a full membership. This is especially beneficial for those who want to test the waters before making a decision.

How To Cancel LA Fitness Membership Trial

To cancel the La Fitness Membership you can follow these steps:

  1. Review trial terms and conditions for cancellation instructions.
  2. Contact LA Fitness customer service by phone.
  3. Visit the club in person and inform the front desk staff.
  4. Follow any provided cancellation instructions like online forms.
  5. Request written confirmation or note the cancellation reference number.
  6. Monitor bank/credit card statements for unauthorized charges.
  7. Keep records of all communications, including emails and confirmation numbers.

Conclusion – LA Fitness Free Trial

The LA Fitness free trial offers a valuable opportunity to explore the gym’s facilities, experience its services, and assess whether it aligns with their fitness goals.

The La Fitness Free Day Pass trial allows for a firsthand evaluation of equipment, group fitness classes, and additional amenities, helping potential members make informed decisions.

It is essential, however, to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions associated with the La Fitness Free Pass, including cancellation procedures, to ensure a smooth and satisfactory trial experience.

Overall, the LA Fitness free guest pass trial serves as a practical and accessible way for individuals to kick-start their fitness journey and determine if the gym is the right fit for their health and wellness needs.


How can I sign up for an LA Fitness free Day Pass trial?

Visit the official LA Fitness website, click on the Free Pass button, and fill in the required details, or contact your local club to inquire about current free trial offers.

Is the free trial available at all LA Fitness locations?

Availability may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local club for specific trial options.

What does the free trial include?

The trial typically includes access to gym facilities, and equipment, and may include group fitness classes.

How long does the La Fitness free trial last?

The trial duration can vary, with options ranging from one day to a week. Confirm the duration when signing up.

Do I need to provide payment information for the free trial?

Some trials may require payment information for potential membership conversion. Clarify this during the sign-up process

Can I cancel the free trial?

Yes, you can typically cancel the trial. Review the cancellation process in the terms and conditions, and contact customer service for assistance.

What happens if I don’t cancel before the trial ends?

Be aware of any automatic conversion to a paid membership after the trial period. Understand the billing terms and deadlines.

Is the free trial available to previous LA Fitness members or only new members?

Check eligibility criteria to determine if the trial is exclusive to new members or if former members are also eligible.