Lifetime Fitness Free Trial 2024, Start Your Trial Account Now

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Get the Lifetime Fitness Free Trial to experience the facilities of the gym and also the environment by using the free trial of Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness is a chain of Fitness Networks, which is mainly located in The United States Of America and Canada.

Are you searching for a Lifetime Fitness free trial?

If yes, then you are at the right place here Because further in this article we will share the details about the Free Lifetime Fitness Trial how we can get it, its benefits, and more.

Lifetime Fitness Free Trials 2024

Lifetime Fitness Free Trial

Lifetime Fitness is offering a One-day Free Trial pass to their first-time users.

In this free trial, you can experience and explore the unique and premium services of the fitness club like swimming, playing sports, and using awesome exercise machines

Lifetime Fitness provides the best facilities and a comfortable workout environment to its members. They give offline free visit passes through which you can visit their Gym physically.

It continues to shape the fitness landscape, inviting individuals to reconsider their approach to health and well-being.

How to Get a Free Trial of Lifetime Fitness?

To get the Lifetime Fitness free trial you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Lifetime Fitness website.

Step 2: Now click on Find A Location in the top left corner.

Step 3: A new page will appear click on the member site option which is located on the left side of the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Now click on the Account option located in the top right corner.

Step 4: After Opening the account option, click on the Create your MyLt Account option and after that fill in all of the required details and click on the Create Account button.

step 5: Now, select a payment method, fill in Card details, and finally click on submit.

Step 6: Now, you’ll receive a confirmation message through email. and after receiving a visiting pass through email.

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy your Lifetime Fitness free trial.

Key Features of Free Lifetime Fitness Trial

Here are some key features of Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness Feature

Access to Premium Facilities: You have access to all of the equipment like cardio machines, free weights, weight machines, functional training areas, swimming pools, fitness studios, and more.

Group Fitness Classes: You can watch hundreds of classes every week, including HIIT, yoga, barre, cycling, kettlebell training, and more.

Personalized Training: In this trial, the trainers Guide you personally, and it will help you to stay motivated always and gain your fitness goal fast.

Small Group Training: Enjoy personal attention in small group training to gain your fitness goals.

Indoor and outdoor pools: in their Lifetime Fitness, you can also enjoy their indoor and outdoor service of pools, or swim laps for better exercise.

Saunas and Steam Rooms: You can use saunas and steam room service after a workout.

Nutrition Coaching: The certified trainers guide you about the best nutrition and meals for your body.

What is Lifetime Fitness?

Lifetime Fitness was founded in 1992 by Bahram Akradi, a fitness enthusiast who aimed to create a comprehensive health and fitness center that would cater to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

In addition to traditional gym offerings such as cardio and strength training equipment, swimming pools, and fitness studios, Lifetime Fitness differentiated itself by incorporating luxury amenities such as spas, cafes, tennis courts, basketball courts, rock climbing walls, and child care services.

Today, Lifetime Fitness remains a prominent player in the health and fitness industry, with a strong commitment to providing premium facilities, exceptional service, and innovative programs to help individuals lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Trial?

Here are the simple way to cancel the trial:

  • Contact Lifetime Fitness customer service or visit their website.
  • Log in to your account using the credentials provided during the trial signup.
  • Navigate to the subscription or membership management section.
  • Locate the option to cancel your trial membership.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.
  • Check your email for a confirmation of the cancellation.

Conclusion – Lifetime Fitness Trial review

So In this article, we have shared all the possible details about the Lifetime Fitness free trial how we can get it, its benefits, and the cancellation process.

Lifetime Fitness offers you a 1-Day Free Trial Pass to explore Luxurious Amenities, Studio, Cycle & Yoga ClassesGTX, Alpha & Ultra Fit Classes, Tennis and Pickleball Court Time, Indoor Pool Access, Up to 2.5 Hours of Kids Academy for Junior Members, and many more activities.

In this free trial, you can experience the amazing facilities of Lifetime Fitness Club by visiting physically and also their app digitally, during this Lifetime Fitness free trial, you can explore and experience Lifetime Fitness’s unique service free of cost. 


Is there a free trial for Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, there is a 1-day Lifetime Fitness free trial available

Is the Lifetime Fitness app free?

Yes, the Lifetime Fitness app is absolutely free.

How long is the Lifetime Free Trial Period ?

The Lifetime Fitness free trial lasts for 1 day.

What Happens After Lifetime Fitness Free Trial Ends?

After the free trial ends, if you are satisfied with their service then you can continue the subscription by selecting any plan.

Are there any restrictions or limitations during the free trial?

Not at all, but a few limitations in the usage of some types of equipment or other amenities during the trial period.