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21 Days

Trial Type: Default Trial
Trial Days: 14 Days, 21 Days
Free Plan: Yes Available
Credit Card: Not Required
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Freshworks Free Trial 2024:

Freshworks offers a 14-day free trial on its Paid Plans of Customer Service and IT services and a 21-day free trial on all available Paid plans of CRM Services. you can access these free trials with No credit card required and No strings attached.

Freshworks Free Trial

So in simple language:

  • 14 Days Trial – Paid Plans of Customer Service and IT services
  • 21 Days Trial – Paid plans of CRM Services

Freshworks Provides a chance to use their customer engagement software for free so that they can try out their tools like Freshdesk and Freshsales to see if they’re right for your business before investing their valuable money.

Apart from these, Freshworks also gives a Trial on its Add-ons which includes Freshworks AI and Copilot where you can Supercharge and Enhance your Experience and Work.

Free Trial of Freshworks Services/Products:

Freshworks offers a range of services and products designed to help businesses improve customer engagement, support, and sales.


Customer Service

Freshworks offers tools to help businesses provide great customer service through multiple channels, automation, self-service options, analytics, and integrations, all scalable to meet changing needs.

Freshworks’ customer service suite, which includes Freshdesk, Freshchat, and Freshcaller. You can get started with a free plan or a 14-day trial, allowing you to enhance your customer service efforts effortlessly.

ServiceFree PlanFree Trial
Customer Service SuiteNoYes
FreshdeskYes AvailableYes, 14 Days
FreshchatYes AvailableYes, 14 Days
FreshcallerYes AvailableYes, 14 Days


IT Service

Freshworks provides tools to help businesses manage their IT services better. Their main tool, Freshservice, is software that helps IT teams track and fix problems faster, manage their assets, and work together more effectively.

Freshworks offers a 14-day free Trial on its all IT Services plans i.e., Starter, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. It has a Right-Size Plan for Your IT Service Management.

You can also get a Free Trial of 14 days on Freddy Copilot and Freddy Insights add-ons without a credit card that help you do more with Freshservice.



Freshworks CRM is a customer relationship management software that helps businesses manage their sales pipeline, track leads, and improve customer relationships.

Freshworks offers a 21-day free trial on its CRM Plans. This includes Freshsales, which helps manage sales and customer relationships, and Freshsales Suite, which offers more tools for the entire customer journey and Freshmarketer, another part of Freshworks’ CRM suite, also has a free plan and a 21-day trial to help you improve your marketing strategies.

ServiceFree PlanFree Trial
FreshsalesNoYes, 21 Days
Freshsales SuiteNoYes, 21 Days
FreshmarketerYes AvailableYes, 21 Days

Freshworks Free Plan:

Freshworks has a Forever Free Plan for some of its products, such as Freshdesk and Freshchat where the users can Start with Freshworks software includes basic customer support or chat functionalities for free lifelong.



Freshdesk free plan allows 10 agents (great for small teams) and includes basic ticketing system functionalities like email and social media support, automation, and reporting. However, some advanced features are limited in the free version.



Freshdesk Free plan allows forever up to 10 agents and includes Inbox Views, Topics, Groups, Conversation Labels, Bulk Actions, Email, Mobile SDK, WordPress, Shopify, Conversation Switch, and Threads. It also includes Freddy Chatbots and Chatbot Analytics.



Freshcaller Free Plan is best for getting started. The plan includes No FREE minutes, Buy Local Numbers, Buy Toll-free Numbers, Inbound Caller ID, Desktop Notifications, Call Notes, Custom Greetings, Call Metrics and Conversation Properties.



Similarly, the Freshmarketer free plan offers core CRM features Perfect for getting started and trying out the marketing platform including Reaching up to 500 monthly email sends, Contact and list management, Basic segmentation, Web tracking & forms, Email marketing campaigns, Social media campaigns, Activity timeline, Marketplace integrations, and 24×5 Support.


Steps to Start Free Trial of Freshworks:

Ready to explore Freshworks for free, here are the simple steps-

Step 1: Visit the Official Freshworks Website.

Step 2: Click on ‘Try It Free’.

Step 3: Select the Product and plan you want to Try out for free.

Step 4: Sign Up by Entering the Basic Details like Name and phone No. and Gmail Address and Click on ‘Sign Up For Free’.

Step 5: Personalize your Freshworks Deskborad by following the on-screen instructions and Answering a few Questions.

Step 6: Click on ‘Proceed’.

Done, Your helpdesk is ready to use just click on ‘Get started with Freshdesk’ and Enjoy all features for free.

Key Features of Freshworks

Freshworks has Products and solutions for Multiple services for all sizes of teams. Here, are some key features of Freshworks-

  • Customization

You can change Freshworks to fit how your business works. For example, you can make forms look the way you want and organize information to suit your needs.

  • Productivity

Freshworks helps you get things done faster. It automates tasks, so you spend less time on them. It also helps teams work together better.

  •  Communication

Freshworks lets you talk to customers through email, chat, and social media. It also helps your team talk to each other easily.

  • 360° view of the customer

Freshworks gives you a complete picture of each customer. You can see all their interactions with your business. This helps you understand them better and serve them well.

  • Automate workflows

Freshworks can do repetitive tasks for you. This saves time and makes sure things get done the same way every time.

  • Freedy AI

Freshworks uses artificial intelligence to help you with customer support and sales. It can give you insights into your customers and help you make better decisions.

  • Analytics

Freshworks gives you reports and data about how your business is doing. You can use this information to improve your customer service and make better decisions.

  • Integrations

Freshworks works well with other tools. This means you can connect it to other software you use and make your work easier.

About Freshworks

Freshworks is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides a variety of tools for businesses, with a focus on small as well as medium and large-sized businesses.

Freshworks was started by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy in 2010. Their goal is to help companies better connect with their customers using easy-to-use software. They want to make it simple for businesses to provide great customer experiences.

Freshworks offers a suite of SaaS products including:

  • Customer service: Customer Service Suite, Freshdesk, Freshchat and Freshcaller.
  • IT service management: Freshservice.
  • CRM: Freshsales, Freshsales Suite, and Freshmarketer.

Steps to Cancel Freshworks Trial:

Here, are steps to cancel Freshworks Free/ Trial:

  1. Log in to your Freshcaller account.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Billing. You will see your current plan and other usage details here.
  3. Scroll down and click Cancel Subscription.
  4. You will see the end date of your subscription. Click Proceed.
  5. Select the reason for cancelation and click Next.
  6. Your feedback helps us to make Freshcaller a better product. Hence, we request you to answer all the feedback questions. Click on Submit.
  7. Click Confirm Cancellation.

Once you confirm, a cancellation request will be raised. Your subscription and account data will be deleted on the date mentioned on your screen.

Conclusion – Freshworks Free Trial 2024

In this article, we have shared all possible information about Freshworks, its free trial, and available free plans. In addition, we have also mentioned the key features and how you can activate those features and benefits for free.

Freshworks offers a 14-day and 21-day free trial respectively on its all available products and services. Plus, it has free plans for a few of its services and a free trial on add-on features too.

Whether you are a Starter or have a larger team regardless of the industry you are in, The Freshworks has something for you to try out and explore for free.

Start your Freshworks free Trial, today Without a credit card and Customize, extend, and unify experiences for your growing business with the Freshworks Neo Platform.


How long is Freshworks free trial?

Freshworks offers 14-day and 21-day free trials on its products and services. It offers a 14-day on its Paid Plans of Customer Service and IT services and a 21-day free trial on all available Paid plans of CRM Services.

Does Freshworks have a free version?

Yes, Freshworks has 4 free versions namely Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, and Freshmarketer where users can Start with Freshworks software including basic customer support or chat functionalities for free.

Is there a free version of Freshdesk?

Freshdesk has a free version. The free plan allows 10 agents (great for small teams) and includes basic ticketing system functionalities like email and social media support, automation, and reporting. However, some advanced features are limited in the free version.

Do I need a credit card to start Freshworks free trial?

No, there is no need for a credit card to sign up for the Freshworks free trial.

Is Freshsales free forever?

No, Freshsales is not free forever. you can access Freshsales for 21 Days for free with all its paid features.