Kaspersky Free Trial: Start Your 30 Days Trial Account for Free Now

30 Days

Trial Type: Default Trial, Risk-Free Trial
Trial Days: 30 Days
Free Plan: Not Available
Credit Card: Not Required
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Get the Kaspersky Free Trial for 30, 60, or 90 Days! Want to know how? Here in this article, we provide you the information on how you can get these trial days.

Looking for Kaspersky Free Download?

Here, in this article we have covered all the information about the free Kaspersky trial, how you can get it, its benefits, and more.

Kaspersky provides you with complete protection by blocking everything from malware and ransomware, its password manager protects your password, content, and activity and it provides you with complete performance from online shopping to gaming.

Kaspersky Free Trial 2024:

Kaspersky Free Trial
Kaspersky offers you a 30-day free default trial + 30-day risk-free trial, so you can experience its platform and services easily.

Its powerful protection feature protects your devices from viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Kaspersky provides advanced security features, you can protect your devices by using its strong cybersecurity features.

Kaspersky software comes with many advanced features like real-time antivirus, online payment protection, performance optimization, data leak hacking, and many more.

Here are some plans given by Kaspersky for a Free Download & Trial:

1. Kaspersky Standard Trial

Kaspersky standard enhances your security by improving your device performance. It provides you the capability of safe web browsing, app management, anti-phishing, and some others. Here are some features which are given by Kaspersky Standard

  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Existing Virus Removal
  • Anti-phishing
  • Two-Way Firewall
  • Device Space Cleanup

Credit-Card RequiredYes

2. Kaspersky Plus Trial

Kaspersky Plus provides you with security with performance and privacy features. It protects your devices by using its two-way firewall, anti-phishing, and existing virus removal capabilities.

Features which are given by Kaspersky Plus Trial:

  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Device Space Cleanup
  • App Management
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Data Leak Checker

Credit-Card RequiredYes

3. Kaspersky Premium Trial

Kaspersky offers complete protection by its PremiumPlan. You can protect your devices from all types of threats.

Its strong Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware features protect your devices from all internet threats using its complete protection capabilities.

Here are some features given in the Kaspersky premium plan:

  • Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Ransomware
  • Device Space Cleanup
  • Crypto Threat Protection
  • Unlimited and Fast VPN

Credit-Card RequiredYes

How to Start a Free Trial of Kaspersky?

Here are some steps to start Kaspersky Free Trial:

Step 1: Go to the Kaspersky Free Download page.

Step 2: Select a plan according to your requirements.

Step 3: Click on the Download Free Trial button.

Step 4: Now, you can see your plan and click on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 5: Now, you will be redirected to the selected plan page, where you can see the Download button and click on it.

Step 6: After the download set up your account and protect your devices.

Congratulation! You have successfully downloaded the antivirus software, and your free trial starts now.

Key Features of Free Kaspersky Trial:

They also provide services such as threat intelligence, incident response, and cybersecurity training.

  • Kaspersky protects you from different types of viruses, malware, and ransomware.
  • It gives Anti-Phishing capabilities to your device.
  • Its Password Manager protects your password from cyber threats.
  • It gives you a Smart Home Monitor.
  • It comes with an Expert Health Checker.
  • Kaspersky comes with 24/7 IT support.
  • It gives you an unlimited and fast VPN
  • Kaspersky provides you a Online Payment Protection.
  • Crypto Threat Protection.
  • Stalkware Detection.
  • Two-Way Firewall.
  • Performance Optimization.

What is Kaspersky?

Kaspersky is a cybersecurity company that develops and sells antivirus software, internet security solutions, and other cybersecurity products and services.

It was founded in 1997 by Eugene Kaspersky in Russia and has since grown to become one of the leading cybersecurity firms globally.

Kaspersky offers a range of products for individual users, small businesses, and large enterprises to protect against viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats.

How To Cancel Kaspersky Trial?

To cancel your Kaspersky Trial follow these steps:

  • Go to the Kaspersky Official Page.
  • Go to your subscription page.
  • Click on “Manage Subscription“.
  • Now click on “Cancel Subscription“.

Conclusion – Kaspersky Free Trial

Let’s light up the Kaspersky antivirus free trial for 30 days!

In this article, we have shared all the possible details about the Kaspersky free trial, like how you can download it for free.

Kaspersky is protecting your devices by using its Top-Notch Cybersecurity Technology. You can take its Risk-free subscription to Experience its security features.

You can Experience a 30-day Free Trial of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for free plus it gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee on its paid plans, so overall you have a total 60 days of free trial.

FAQs – Kaspersky Antivirus Free Trial

Q. Is Kaspersky a Trusted Platform?

Yes, it is a well-known trusted platform in the field of cybersecurity.

Q. Can I use Kaspersky Antivirus on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Kaspersky on multiple devices at the same time.

Q. How long does the Kaspersky free trial last?

As of Now, The Duration of the Kaspersky free trial is 30 days but by following our method you can get 60 days trial. The duration may change with time, However, check the official Kaspersky website for the most up-to-date information.

Q. What features are included in the free Kaspersky trial?

The free trial typically includes a range of security features such as antivirus protection, firewall, internet security, and other tools.

Q. Is a credit card required to sign up for the Kaspersky free trial?

No, it doesn’t require credit card information for the Kaspersky free trial.

Q. Can I cancel the Kaspersky free trial before it ends?

Yes! You can cancel the Kaspersky free trial before the end.

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