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Get Mailchimp lifelong Free Trial. The Mailchamp free trial offers a great and Ideal platform for you as it allows you to get tons of ideas and features to grow your audience and ease your business easily. 

Mailchimp offers a lifelong free trial for new users to test its basic features and this email marketing platform. 

 It includes all the features that you need to get started and grow your business, such as Free Email support, Automation and  Creative Assistant,250+ App integrations, and many more. 

The free plan of Mailchamp is a great way to learn the basics, build an audience & grow your business to the next level. If you need more features and want to increase limitations you can go for the Mailchamp paid plan.

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  • Mailchimp  free trial
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  • Paid plan after free trial

So, just scroll down and stay with us, because further in this article we will share all the information about Mailchimp’s free plan & paid plans. 

Mailchimp Free Trial

Mailchimp is one of the most versatile marketing solutions that use cloud-based email as its primary medium. Because of the comprehensive solutions offered, it is widely known and used, from mailing list creation and management to campaign automation.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one ideal business management platform where you can get tons of ideas and features to grow your audience and ease your business easily. 

Mailchimp gives its users a lifelong free subscription which allows unlimited free applications from creating branded emails to publishing free websites with domains and many more. 

The Free plan of Mailchimp includes up to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 500.

How to activate the MailChimp Free Plan

Do you know that Mailchimp offers a free trial with all its amazing offers but don’t know how to activate Mailchimp’s free trial?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to get a free trial of Mailchimp –

  1. Visit the official Website of Mailchimp.
  2. Click on sign up for the Free button.
  3.  Enter your details to process the next step.
  4.  you will be directed to the Create Account page and logged in as a Free User there.
  5. The free trial is successfully activated and now, You are all set to start Your Mailchimp Free Plan.

Benefits of Mailchimp Free Trial 

As we know, Mailchimp is the best email marketing tool especially for beginners because it is easy to use. Mailchimp offers a Free plan for up to 500 contacts with 1,000 email sends per month.

Mailchimp Free Plan Features

But apart from email marketing, you can also get free access to its other features which eventually help you stand best out of rest.  

Here are other benefited features that you get with Mailchimp free trial –

  •  Email  & Automation 

Create targeting and engaging email using a free template or create one that gets more customers & audience. 

  • Free marketing calendar 

Schedule everything is arranged so that everything delivers on time & you can easily run your business as per plan. 

  • 250+ App Integrations  

Make Mailchimp even more useful by connecting your store, accounting tools, social media, and more.

  • Social Media Management 

Multichannel tools to promote and grow your business, all from one place such as landing pages, social posting, and Ads. 

  • CRM 

CRM allows you to better manage your growing list of contacts by gathering information from your interactions with them into a central organization system.

  • Free Domain & Website  

Start with a custom domain, then build a free website to get your business online quickly and grow your business easily.

  • Support 

Get 24/7 free customer support from Mailchimp. Their support can help you navigate their platform and use the features to benefit your business.

The Free plan includes other vital marketing features—like a website builder, unlimited landing pages, email marketing, and much more—so you don’t just know your audience, you grow your audience. 

Paid plan at Mailchimp 

To get more features and to extend limitations you can go for the Mailchimp Paid plan.

Mailchimp Pricing Plans

There are mainly three main paid plans that Mailchimp offers: Premium, Essential plan & Standard plan. 

#1 Mailchimp Essential plan 

Mailchimp Essential Plan Starts from $13 per month which includes  500 contacts with basic features.The essentials plan is the cheapest paid plan available and gives you advantages over the free plan such as:

  • Access to all Email templates
  • A/B testing
  • Chat and Email support
  • 25 Preview a month

 It’s better to know the limitations before buying any plan so, let’s discuss The essential plan limitations and drawbacks. The Essential plan includes a maximum of 50,000 contacts, 3 audiences/lists, and a limit of 500,000 emails per month. Plus, you don’t get multi-step automations. 

Overall it is a basic plan and best for small businesses.

#2 Mailchimp Standard Plan 

Mailchimp’s standard plan starts from $20 per month with more advanced features & automation workflows.

If you need advanced features such as multi-step automation, you’ll need to go for the Standard plan, which comes with everything included in the Essentials plan, plus: 

  • Advance CRM features
  • Retargeting Ads 
  • Smart tools 
  • Automation workflow 

The standard plan is limited to 100,000 contacts, 1.2 million emails per month & maximum of 5 users on the plan. Although this is the best Mailchimp plan in price. But, if you need more go for its Premium plan. 

#3 Mailchimp Premium Plan 

Mailchimp Premium plan Starts from  $350 per month which is the “flagship” plan of the company and includes some cutting-edge functionality.

Get unlimited features such as: 

  • unlimited audience 
  • Unlimited seats 
  • No contact limit 
  • Role-based access 
  • Multivariate Testing 

There is no limitation in the Mailchimp Premium plan.

Cancelation of Mailchimp free Trial

If you are not satisfied or feel that this marketing tool is not right for you and  want to cancel The Mailchimp Free Trial, follow these simple steps-

  1. Go to Mailchimp’s official website. 
  2. Click on  your profile icon in the bottom-left corner and select “Account and billing.” 
  3. Then select  Settings from the menu and click on “Pause or delete account.”
  4. There you get two options i.e., permanent & temporary delete. select temporary delete.
  5. Click on the continue button and then answer the reason. 
  6. Log in to Mailchimp, if you want to check. All the data has been removed thus, the Mailchimp free trial is successfully canceled.  

Conclusion – Mailchimp Free Plan and Trial

In this article, we have shared all the possible details about the Mailchimp free trial.

Mailchimps is an ideal email marketing platform for beginners & those who are new to business because it offers a lifelong free trial where they can understand and use the features and easily grow their business.

You can create, make, and publish a website and can view site analytics. Mailchimp’s free plan has marketing channels where you have access to landing pages, social posting, and marketing calendars.

We hope this article is helpful to you. Stay in tune for more such useful content. 


Is there any free trial on Mailchimp?

yes, Mailchimp offers a lifelong free trial to its users where he/ she can use and understand its marketing tools. 

How long can I enjoy Mailchimp’s free plan?

as of now, you can easily enjoy a free plan in Mailchimp forever. 

Is a credit card required for Mailchimp’s free trial? 

No, you won’t need any card for the Mailchimp free plan. 

Is there any limitation in the Mailchimp Free plan?

yes, The Free plan of Mailchimp includes up to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 500.

How can I get the most from my Mailchimp free trial?

Utilize all features and tools efficiently and use all the email templates so that none of them go to waste.