ActiveCampaign Trial, Start 14 Days Free Trial Account without Card

14 Days

Trial Type: Default Trial
Trial Days: 14 Days
Free Plan: Not Available
Credit Card: Not Required

Get a free trial of ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial period for Email & marketing automation tools to create incredible customer experiences.

If you are looking for a  Marketing tool for your business, ActiveCampaign is the right platform for you. Test the platform by Activating a free trial.

Activecampaign is perfect for businesses looking to improve their communication with customers and save time.

Explore the platform and grow your business with this 14-day Free Trial at ActiveCampaign where you get endless useful and advanced tools for marketing and sales.

 Keep Scrolling and stay with us To learn more About ActiveCampaign and how to get a Free Trial Easily. 

ActiveCampaign Free Trial 2024

ActiveCampaign, a popular email marketing and automation platform, is offering an exciting opportunity in  Marketing, Sales & even in e-commerce for businesses in 2024 with its 14-day Free Trial.

 This limited-time offer allows users to experience the full range of ActiveCampaign’s features without any financial commitment.

ActiveCampaign Free Trial 14 Days

The Free Trial provides access to ActiveCampaign’s powerful tools, including email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and more.

 You can create and send campaigns, automate their marketing processes, and engage with your audience in a more personalized way using  ActiveCampaign free Trial. 

ActiveCampaign Free Trial won’t require any credit card. You can get a 14-day free trial on ActiveCampaign with amazing features for free

Benefits of  ActiveCampaign Free Trial? 

However, the ActiveCampaign free Trial will limit you to 100 contacts and 100 emails for 14 days. 

But, You’ll  also get these fantastic features in the free trial : 

  • 100 Leads and Emails for 14 days
  • Marketing & Email Marketing Automation
  • Campaign & automation reporting
  • Automatic prediction of suitable content and time to send emails
  • Built-in CRM with sales automation
  • Split automation and conversion reporting. 

Overall, the ActiveCampaign free trial provides a risk-free way to evaluate the platform and determine if it’s the right fit for your marketing needs.

 Get ActiveCampaign Free Trial for 14 days 

  To get ActiveCampaign 14 days free trial is super easy. You just need to follow these steps. 

Step 1– Visit the ActiveCampaign website.

Step 2Sign up for a trial: Look for the ” Free Trial” button on the homepage and click on it.

Step 3 – Enter your email address and click on the Start Free Trial button. 

Step 4 – Enter your name, phone no. or other required information and click on continue. 

Step 5 Start your trial: Once your email is confirmed, you will be directed to your ActiveCampaign dashboard, and your 14-day free trial will begin.

Congratulations, now you can enjoy your ActiveCampaign 14-Day Free Trial.

Limitation of  ActiveCampaign Free Trial?

The following features are not available on Trial accounts:

  • Predictive Sending: you can’t  Automatically send emails at the best times for each recipient based on their past behavior in the Free Trial.
  • Predictive Content: it’s hard to create content based on an individual search with a Free Trial. 
  • Sending auto-responder campaigns: you won’t get the Auto-responder campaigns option with a free Trial. 
  • SMS add-on, including credits or sending: A free trial won’t give you features like add-on SMS, including credits and sending. 
  • Adding a domain to a landing page: you can’t add a domain to a landing page in a free trial. 

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform that helps over 150,000 businesses in 170+ countries meaningfully connect and engage with their customers. 

ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation Tool

It creates optimized customer experiences by automating many behind-the-scenes marketing, sales, and support processes. 

ActiveCampaign is a tool that helps businesses communicate with their customers more effectively. 

ActiveCampaign is like having a smart assistant that helps you stay connected with your customers and grow your business.

It also helps you automate tasks like sending emails and tracking customer interactions, so you can save time and focus on growing your business.

 ActiveCampaign Membership Plan

ActiveCampaign offers the following four  pricing plans: 

  1. Lite
  2. Plus
  3. Professional
  4. Enterprise

Let’s talk about each of these ActiveCampaign Pricing plans so you can find the BEST suitable pricing tier from ActiveCampaign For you. 

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign Lite plan

ActiveCampaign Lite’s plan is mainly for small businesses that need their marketing to run effortlessly. 

This plan starts from $ 29 per month. 

This plan offers – 

  • 1 User 
  • 10x contact email send limit 
  • Includes 1,000 marketing contacts

ActiveCampaign Lite’s plan is mainly for small businesses that need their marketing to run effortlessly. 

In this plan, You get Email marketing, marketing automation with personalized chat & email support plus, Inline Forms, Site & Event Tracking, Automation & Campaign Reports & many more features. 

 If you don’t need to use ActiveCampaign CMR or SMS, you should stay on the Lite plan. 

#2 ActiveCampaign Plus plan

ActiveCampaign Plus Plan is designed For small teams focused on crafting excellent experiences across the customer lifecycle. 

This plan starts from $ 29 Per Month. 

This plan offers – 

  • 3 Users 
  • 10x contact email send limit
  • Includes 1,000 marketing contacts

This plan includes features like – Build Landing pages, Facebook Lead ads, pop-up & modal forms, conditional content creation, and many more. 

#3 ActiveCampaign Professional Plan

ActiveCampaign Professional plan is  For teams that want to experiment and optimize their marketing efforts. 

This plan starts from $149 Per Month. 

This plan offers- 

  • 5 Users
  • 12x contact email send limit
  • Includes 2,500 marketing contacts. 

In addition to everything included in the Plus plan, the upgraded package offers Predictive Sending AI, Split Automation, Salesforce Integration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration, Website & Application Messages, Marketing Attribution Reporting, and Conversions.

#4 ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan

ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan is For growing teams in larger organizations looking to personalize their marketing at scale. 

This plan starts from $ 259 Per Month.

This plan offers- 

  • 10 Users
  • 15x contact email send limit
  • Includes 2,500 marketing contacts.

The Enterprise package includes Custom Reporting, Custom ObjectsSingle Sign-On, HIPAA Support, Uptime SLA, and Unlimited Email Testing.

Below are services included in all plan tiers:

  • Accelerated Onboarding
  • Contact Migration
  • Customer Enablement Workshops
  • Video Tutorials
  • Chat and Ticket Support
  • Knowledge Base & Help Guides

How to Cancel the ActiveCampaign Trial?

Here are a few points to cancel the ActiveCampaign free trial:-

  • Visit the official ActiveCampaign website.
  • “log in” with your ActiveCampaign account credentials.
  • Click on “Plan settings” under your subscription details.
  • Expand the subscription you want to cancel by clicking the “+” button.
  • Click on the “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” link.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your cancellation.

Conclusion- ActiveCampaign Free Trial Account

In this article, we have mentioned all possible information about ActiveCampaign & its free trial details with all available plans.

The ActiveCampaign trial is an excellent option for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

 The platform offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, including Email Marketing, Automation, and CRM tools.

 It has lots of useful tools and is easy to use. Plus it saves a lot of time.

ActiveCampaign offers 14-day free trials, you must try it as the trial is a good way to see if it’s right for you. 


Do I need a credit card to get an ActiveCampaign free trial? 

Do I need a credit card to get an ActiveCampaign free trial? 

Is there any free trial at ActiveCampaign?

yes, ActiveCampaign offers a 14-day free trial where you get many tools and functions for Marketing, sales, e-commerce, and transactional.

What happens after a Free trial?  

After the free trial, if you want to continue you can Upgrade your trial account to a paid account by purchasing a suitable plan for you. 

Is ActiveCampaign Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Yes, ActiveCampaign offers Customer support Free with its free trial. If you are stuck somewhere you can anytime freely ask their support team. 

Does ActiveCampaign Automatically Charge  After the Free Trial Ends?

No, it’s your choice whether you want to continue or not. they may ask you to purchase their plan but they won’t Automatically change after the Free trial ends.

how long is the ActiveCampaign free trial

ActiveCampaign free trial is 14 Days long.