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Start the Philo Free Trial for 7 Days and watch your favorite streaming services for free without any initial financial commitment.

Are you searching for a Philo Free Trial?? Then you’ve come to the right spot.

Philo is offering a free trial for its new users of seven days to explore their content before committing to Philo for a long period.

You can find all the details you need to get on a free Philo trial as well as more additional information right here in this article.

Philo Free Trial 2024

Philo Free Trial

As of now Philo only offers a 7-day free trial to browse their content and stream live TV channels to its new members, and to get the 30-day free trial regularly check promotions on their social media platforms and website.

Philo serves various interests, from comedy and cooking to reality TV and drama. You get a diverse channel lineup, including popular networks like AMC, Hallmark, Lifetime, MTV, TV Land, and more.

Philo offers a free trial with its single membership plan. After trying Philo free for seven days, you need to pay $25/month to continue enjoying Philo further.

With a free Philo trial, you can stream over 70 channels in its plan, allowing you to watch content live anytime. Additionally, the platform boasts a library of over 70,000 titles available on demand.

How to Get a Free Trial of Philo?

To sign up for a Free Philo trial, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official Philo website on your PC or download the Philo application on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click on the “Start your 7-day free trial” icon in the middle of the webpage.

Step 3: Enter your email address and hit continue.

Step 4: Verify your email ID by clicking on the link sent to your email or by filling in the code.

Step 5: Select add-ons you would like. It is not mandatory to select add-ons. It depends on you if you want them or not. 

Step 6:  Enter your credit card details to start your membership. This is because some trials automatically convert their services into a paid membership once the trial period ends. 

Step 7: Click on the “Start free trial” icon to initiate your free trial account.

Congratulations, your Philo Free Trial Account is now activated.

Benefits of Free PhiloTv Trial

Here are several benefits of the Philo Free trial:

On-Demand content:

Philo delivers an extensive library of 70,000+ titles on-demand content so that viewers can browse thousands of movies and shows of their choice.

Stream anytime, anywhere:

You can readily access Philo’s exclusive content at home or on the go with your TV, phone, laptop, or tablet. 

Live TV:

You can Stream over 70+ channels live including popular ones like AMC, Comedy Central, HGTV, Nickelodeon, BBC News, Food Network, MTV, and so on with a free Philo trial.

Unlimited Cloud-Based DVR:

Philo offers an unlimited cloud-based DVR feature for recording shows and movies for later viewing. 

Multiple Streams:

With Philo free trial, you can watch on up to three devices at the same time.


Additional Free Channels:

Philo offers extra free channels with its package including The Bob Ross Channel, Cheddar News, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Comedy Dynamics, Retro Crush, and more.

Create up to 10 profiles:

Philo allows its users to make up to 10 profiles from one account.

Exclusive shows and movies:

Philo offers popular shows like Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire, Fixer Upper: The Castle, Inventing the Christmas Prince, and more that are a mix of genres from vampires to home renovation to heartwarming holiday tales.

Flexible cancellation:

Philo allows you to cancel your free trial anytime under your trial period without any trouble.

Remember to cancel your subscription if you decide not to continue after the trial period to avoid getting charged.

What is Philo?

Philo formerly known as Tivli is an American Internet television company founded by Tuan Ho and Nicholas Krasney in 2010 at Harvard University.

The company began as an experimental dorm-room streaming project at Harvard. Over time, Philo expanded its services beyond universities to become a nationwide streaming TV provider.

The company and its service are named in recognition of one of the pioneering engineers of television, Philo T. Farnsworth.

Philo is known for its affordability and comprehensive channel lineup. It’s a great alternative to traditional cable.

How to Cancel Philo Trial?

Here are a few easy steps to cancel your Philo free trial membership:

  1. Login to your Philo account.
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Go to “My Account“.
  4. Click Cancel my Subscription at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Complete Cancellation to confirm.

 Now, your free Philo trial membership plan is deactivated.

You can continue enjoying your Free Philo trial during the rest of your trial or billing period, and you can reactivate your subscription anytime.

Conclusion – Philo Free Trial 2024

We have made an effort to cover all the relevant details about the Philo free trial for you.

Philo TV offers a 7-day free trial access to unlimited live TV channels, Philo originals, and much more for its new subscribers. Members also get to select additional cable TV networks with a Philo free trial.

The Free Philo trial is an excellent opportunity to explore the platform and decide if it fulfills your entertainment preferences.

Philo doesn’t bind you into a long-term contract. You can cancel your free Philo trial anytime under the trial period without any hassle.

We expect that you’ve found the information you were seeking. Thank you for considering us while exploring details about the Philo free Trial.


Does Philo have a free trial

Yes, Philo is offering a Philo 7-day free trial for its new members.

Why do I need to provide my credit card details for a free trial?

Many online platforms ask for credit card details even for a free trial. This is done to make a smooth transition to a paid subscription after the trial period ends so that the user does not experience an interruption in the services at the end of the trial period.

How much does it cost after the free trial period ends?

After the 7-day free trial, Philo will continue its base plan at a monthly cost of $25.

Can I customize my free trial subscription plan?

Yes, you can select add-ons to the trial period. But make sure to look for if they are providing a free trial or not. Most of the add-ons will charge money even during the trial period.

Does Philo automatically convert my free trial subscription to a paid one?

Yes, Philo will automatically convert your free trial membership into a paid membership. To avoid getting charged you can cancel your free trial subscription beforehand.

Can I cancel my free trial before its completion?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial anytime under your trial period.

Can you record on Philo free trial?

Philo offers an unlimited cloud-based DVR feature for recording shows and movies with a Free Philo Trial.

Does Philo have a 30 day free trial?

No as of now, Philo is only offering a 7-day free trial.